Ashes to Ashes

Alternative names: Ashes to Ashes

Game Ashes to Ashes - a real rarity. Slide it took almost twenty years ago, but even today it is the gamers trust. In this project played, play and will play millions of our compatriots and their "colleagues" all over the world. Quality is quite an old game allows itself to compete with modern masterpieces geymerskogo art. And despite the fact that the graphics in Ashes to Ashes is poor (which, in principle, it is not surprising, as it is not necessary to forget the fact that the game was created in late 1996, and at one time it was a very personal ) like game.

Ashes to Ashes pc tells us absolutely unreal times. As with most computer games nineties (which at the moment, it is worth noting, was not very much), this is based on the description of events in the future tense. However, this project has turned out quite successful and original - not for nothing that, in the end, do not forget about it until today. Moreover, many gamers consider this "rarity" is much more interesting than most modern games.

To start the game enough to Ashes to Ashes download. Accustomed to the modern games gamers jump distributions for Ashes to Ashes seem childish prattle. All the necessary installation files are downloaded in seconds. And to say that the project can run smoothly on any modern computer devices, not even seem worth it.

In Ashes to Ashes will need to play from time to time getting into the territory of special arenas, which were created as a "place of killing." The population of the future can not imagine a better entertainment than the contemplation of murder. All this is terribly reminiscent of medieval gladiator fights. World's largest corporations sponsoring the fighting arenas, and people get from this bloody spectacle crazy fun - so it turns out, looks brutal reality of the future.

Play Ashes to Ashes interesting, despite the scarcity of some of the plot. The scenery and landscapes are constantly changing. From job to job changes with uniforms and weapons. Piquancy and severity of the game plot gives the story of aliens, because of which, strictly speaking, and start all the major issues - the evil aliens inspire their aggressive mind in so-called gladiators. Because of this recent past inclinations lose conscience and honor, becoming completely uncontrollable killing machines.

From any mounted to Ashes to Ashes video, you can understand what your character will have to release all the inhabitants of the world from the invasion of monsters. You will be abandoned on the territory infected arenas, where it will be necessary to destroy all without exception gladiators werewolves, destroying the "bad" brains falling out of your victims after the defeat.

This project is ideal for those who love games like Duma or Postel - simple controls and crazy action will help pass your spare time.


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