Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Alternative names: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin Creed, Assassin

Game Assassin Creed Brazerhud - fantastic multiplayer game from the French company Ubisoft Montreal , developed in the genre Action-adventure [_5_ ]. Temporary period of events - the end XV - start XVI century . Venue - Italy. View - from a third party. Complete walkthrough takes 15 hours. There are both single-player and multiplayer modes. The essence of the gameplay - perform multiple missions, heated battle with a variety of computer-generated characters and real opponents in the face of other users. Games are played on the locations fighting between nobleman assassin th Ezio Auditore da Firenze and орденом тамплиеров в Риме. Your opponents will be the main representatives kind Borgia . The storyline develops in chronological framework. Users are given the opportunity to replay story missions. Interesting point - moving from the past to the present day, and then return back. Once these days, you will meet with the main character of this period - Desmond Miles, who found a way to use the machine "Animus 2. 0 "to read information about their ancestors and transported to the past. Well, the main character is a historical lineage Ezio Auditore da Firenze . In addition there are many characters, among which there are also such legendary figures as Leonardo da Vinci Niccolo Machiavelli or Caterina Sforza . In deciding to download Assassins Creed : Brotherhood , you can plunge into the atmosphere of the past centuries and take a dizzying journey remembered that bright adventures.

So, let's play Assassins Creed : Brotherhood has attracted your attention and you want to learn more about it information. Since this project - it's the third game of the series Assassin's Creed , it would be wise to consider what's different about this product from the previous. The game's plot - a continuation of the events of the original version. Some changes suffered combat system. Now the battle is more dynamic and aggressive attacks were welcomed more than attempts to contract. Since your policy is often offensive character, then it would be wise to do the hiring and training of soldiers. His killers, you can arrange around the city and effectively withstand the onslaught of enemies, some of whom are ordinary soldiers and officers, and the Dodgers, and the Swiss Guards, and arrows, and the invasive ones, and thugs and bandits, and hermetic, and wolf people. There are changes in the arsenal. Henceforth Assassins Creed : Brotherhood armor more diverse. The player is allowed to use all sorts of tools to help achieve these goals. Your means at hand becomes poison darts, parachutes, double hidden blades, hidden guns, advanced aircraft, stationary guns and many other things. Special functions play an important role. For example, you can enable eagle vision and quickly assess the situation on the battlefield. Assassins Creed : Brotherhood video when the eagle's view changes as follows: unwanted objects fade into the background (no longer an eyesore) enemies are depicted in red, allies - blue, valuables and shelter are highlighted in white, and the purpose of the assignment - yellow. You, so it is possible to easily detect subtle objects and assess the tactical situation.


Doing one job after another, you earn money and develop the game. With each step, you get all the more powerful, all the better equipped and therefore more confident. You will enjoy the diversity of gameplay. Incidentally, there is another reason why you should download the game Assassins Creed : Brotherhood . Choose the style of the game and use that regime, which is more to your taste - the right of every person. You can play alone or try multiplayer modes, of which there are as many as eight. This Investigation, Advanced search, Alliance, Advanced Alliance, Murder, Hunting, Escort, The Hunt for chests. In short, do not get bored! Join now and see for yourself!


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