Astro Lords

Alternative names: Astro Lords
Game Astro Lords - a relatively young online project that will appeal to all fans of dynamic multiplayer strategies. All events occurring in the game in real time. All decorations, characters and locations made in the best traditions of 3D-graphics. An important feature of the game - it is popular. You probably have heard of such a virtual charity project called Kickstarter. All interested startups can spread the ideas on this site, and all users of the project, who liked the idea, will be able to make the right investment. Astro Lords Online begins with Kick. It should be noted, the idea of ​​the game immediately liked many potential investors worldwide. It's nice to play that does not have to download some heavy clients and additional programs. Project browser, which means that for the beginning of the gameplay Astro Lords registration will only prerequisite (although, in principle, for a project created by the PC client that can download all comers). The game interface is fully adapted for English-speaking users, and therefore no issues with filling the registration form, or to project management should arise. The registration form will appear right on the main page of the game. You can fill it out for a few minutes, listening to the instructions of the system. The relevant lines of your name, which will be used in the game, login, email address and password. Captcha (bottom of the registration form) to introduce mandatory. Immediately after that, you can begin to get acquainted with the Astro Lords online. By the way, if you use a tablet or smartphone, we have good news for Astro Lords were created applications for mobile phones running on iOS and Android. Therefore play Astro Lords can, even in a traffic jam or a queue. As you may have guessed, all the main events will take place in space. Start about the project you as an inexperienced hero with a minimum of equipment and skills. Immediately after the start at your disposal will be only a small base, located on an asteroid. Then the principle of the game is similar to many other projects, representatives of the genre: gamers need to actively engage in the development, improvement, expansion. From seedy base ideally need to do a thriving center. Cope with this task can implement their own development strategy. In Astro Lords can play for free all players. A particularly enterprising gamers on the project you can even make some money. In the game there are two main types of resources that are required for the development of: Tritium. Deuterium. The resulting tritium may be removed from the game in exchange for a very real financial rewards. During gameplay you will need to organize the extraction of resources that will be needed for the construction of factories and industries. The latter is important, as it allows to produce weapons, uniforms, spare parts for spaceships (seven varieties which will be available in the project). And of course, to play Astro Lords will need to interact with other players. To win the resources, you can attack the enemy base. If you can attack, it means that the neighbors can also attack your base, and thus be ready for an attack to be at any moment. To reduce losses, build strengthen and organize the protection of its own base.

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