Asura Online

Alternative names: Asura Online

Game Asura Online is a massively multiplayer role-playing game in the genre MMO , giving the player the ability to destroy hordes of monsters in it by one of the presented classes. Starting in Asura O nline play many of you remember the old and well-known line of games Blizzard - Diablo . But there still more bias to the Asian motif, and it is clear from the Chinese game developers.

To begin playing the game Asura online Your computer must be of such a system requirements:

  • CPU frequency - 2. 8 Hz or higher
  • RAM - at least 1 GB
  • Hard disk space - 5 GB
  • Connection to the Internet;
  • Keyboard;
  • Mouse.

Asura Online registration initial step on the way to the game, for this you need to:

    1. Visit the game's official website Asura Online ;
    2. Shaven registration;
    3. Enter the e-mail address;
    4. Create a password (recommended burn)
    5. Accept the license agreements;
    6. Follow this link Download (Download)
    7. Install and configure the client and you're ready to destroy hordes of monsters.

Game Asura O nline free for all users of all countries. Look forward to an unforgettable adventure through the world Asura Online , whole hordes of monsters of various kinds from the undead to fantastic dragons. In order to equalize the enemy army the player is offered at the moment six playable classes:

  • The Monkey ;
  • The Goristro ;
  • The Raksa ;
  • Exiled God ;
  • Fox Spirit ;
  • Dragonette.

Stunning graphics, lively and real world all await you. Wonderful portrayal of weather effects, dawn, rain, fog, sunset, sun glare and ominous darkness of the night give the game Asura Online wonderful atmosphere.

Exciting PVP (player vs. player) battles airship in format 2 vs. 2. Huge set of spells and abilities for each class. The uniqueness of each class is to be able to fight in their own way, to pounce on the enemy from behind cover or directly carry his head with an ax or a spell from a distance that is likely to hit the poor guy. Dungeons, raids, communication with the players in real time all these charms are gathered here, we can only pick them up.

Legendary equipment, weapons, armor fantastic ease your life traveling the world Asura online which is based on the famous Journey to the West, but like many games from China, the world truly fascinates and inspires interest. Mythical creatures, golems throws at you with huge stone boulders flying hippogriffs and unexplored corners of magic await you in this fantastic world. So if you like games like Diablo or Titan Quest then you just should not pass this masterpiece of Chinese developers.

To spark interest recommend reviewing the trailer for the game.

Can in Asura Online is free to play, but the items you want to buy more for the money.


Think you already understand that to play the game online Asura Online quite interesting, and worth it. So here you are waiting.


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