Alternative names: Athanaton Immortal Warriors

Before you Athanaton online - the world unseen battles immortal warriors! There is no doubt: this free browser game should not go outside of your attention.

Athanaton online game does not require for its launch nothing inaccessible: you only need to have an internet connection and a modern browser (Google Chrome version 5. 0, FireFox 6. 0, Opera 11. 10, etc. ), Supports Flash Player version 10. 0 or higher.

Join in the game Athanaton may surprise those who have their accounts in social networks (FaceBook, Facebook, Twitter, etc. ) As they will be able to enter the game directly from them. If you do not belong to the above-mentioned users of network resources, you have to fill in just two fields:

1) Valid e-mail;

2) Password, which is designed to protect your gaming account from hackers. It is therefore desirable that it was not too simple and consist of both letters and digits.

Next Athanaton online registration prompts you to read and accept the Terms and conditions. You can also subscribe to receive gaming news (just leave or uncheck the appropriate box). By clicking on "Submit", you will complete a process called Registration Athanaton.

To begin really play the game online Athanaton, will need to first decide on the server (if you do not care, stop at the recommended), and then to - to open the page - specify your name (the name for recognition on the game's resources) . Immediately Athanaton online game prompts you to select one of the characters, learn about where you can detail by clicking on groups of troops stationed in front of you:

1) Conan - led army Phoenix (excellent protection unrelenting onslaught +)

2) Witch Atelanta - Flame Cavalry (speed attack and magic power)

3) Kratos - Phalanx hammer (plus a devastating attack magical unity)

4) August - Gold cavalry (main weapon - arrows, fills up the soul)

5) Richard I - Cavalry with crossbows (armored charge)

6) Robin Hood - Soul Hunters (+ withering soul boom pressure on the morale of the enemy);

7) Beowulf - Snow Warriors (speed + magic, lowering enemy morale)

8) Orianthi - Archers with snow shield (reinforced protection + "Circular ambush" Fills the front ranks of the enemy into confusion).

To train your hero, you need to play the game online Athanaton quite a long time, so you better your game every day they learn how to start with training. All changes in the characteristics of the character and the troops can be found by going to their profile. By the way, here is a function, as the reincarnation of the hero. It becomes available on its achievement level of 51. This indicates the possibility of getting you back to playing Athanaton same hero, but the first level, only his army will be much stronger, and personal statistics - will not change.

Follow the following tips if you want to play the Athanaton order is successfully

Upgrade numerous buildings. Learn how to improve them from the beginning, and not later, for sure, regret missed moments.

Perform a task that you play online Athanaton will supply constantly. For each successfully completed tasks, you get no small reward for your development.

Hire as many heroes as emerging opportunities.

On the official game site has a help section titled Guide, which can be found at any time you are interested in information on the game.

One last tip: do not miss the opportunity to fab time! Join now!


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