Battlefield Heroes

Alternative names: BFH

BATTLEFIELD HEROES online - really unusual toys online representative of hostilities. If you expect from such a game full of seriousness, realistic graphics, thoughtful story based on real historical events and exact match weapons and uniforms sides - you've come to the wrong address.

Join in the game BATTLEFIELD HEROES is the first and very important step in the world of epochal battles and active military identities. Register BATTLEFIELD HEROES will not take you much time, you need to choose a nickname for only some future games, provide an email address and password and agree to the terms of the license agreement.

When BATTLEFIELD HEROES registration remains behind, comes the next important step - to select your character, the more that you can immediately choose from three possible classes, not counting the possibility to customize the appearance of the hero of his own taste and discretion. The first possible character class - Shooter. Shooter armed with pistols, machine guns and grenades, runs fast and is the most basic type and balanced character. Another class - Heavy fighting is a terrible force on the battlefield, have to pay for that speed of movement, because such heavy weapons, not everyone will move to the place, not to mention full use. Finally, the game offers online BATTLEFIELD HEROES is a third type of characters - Commandos. Quick and secretive with a unique opportunity to briefly disappear and armed with a sniper rifle and a knife, commando alone can deal with the distance and lots of enemies. But for that kind of skills you have to pay health flimsy - to catch the eye gunners or riflemen for any commando is a fatal failure.

As already mentioned, online game BATTLEFIELD HEROES has broad capabilities for customizing the appearance of your character. Want, you can wear uniforms and look like a true soldier, and want to - business suit or shorts with a colored shirt. All this has absolutely no effect on the gameplay and does not provide additional benefit to someone, but at the same time makes the game pastime even more cheerful and bright.

Anyone wishing to play the game online BATTLEFIELD HEROES will receive throughout the game special Ingame currency - Valor Points. Get it possible for virtually any gaming achievement, whether killing the enemy, capture the flag in the type of game or the successful completion of the task. Using Valor Points, you can buy new weapons or special patches, restoring health.

As you can see, to play the game online BATTLEFIELD HEROES amazingly fun and challenging, especially if you are doing it in the company of friends. Colorful images of characters, vivid graphics, the game is not the original sharpness of serious fighting and total fun paying off and play BATTLEFIELD HEROES today want thousands of players worldwide. Try it and you play a battle or two in this simple and addictive online game, especially to play BATTLEFIELD HEROES need only an Internet connection and a browser.


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