Battle for Gea

Alternative names: Battle for Gea
Battle for Gea game - very young. The official presentation of the project was held in the summer of 2014, but already in the game were a huge number of participants. The undoubted advantage of the game is its design. Scenery, all the elements of the smallest fully consistent idea of ​​the game. Eye-catching colors and interesting music instantly credible. Battle for Gea online-project, in which you can play without having to install any clients or programs. Browser-based game, which means that the beginning of acquaintance with it will be simplified to a minimum. The only prerequisite to Battle for Gea registration, without access to the project will be simply impossible. Nice to say that the game is so young is already adapted for English-speaking users. And so there are no problems or hiccups with the registration process should arise. The registration form can be found right on the main page of the site. Fill it, adhering to the tips. In the first line, specify the username. In the next field, type the address of your existing mailbox. In the following two lines need to write your password and confirm it. Select the country where you are and end the registration. Immediately after this for you in Battle for Gaia game starts. This is a great card game, which is translated in the online mode. Gameplay here is dynamic and interesting, but before you plunge headlong into battle for Gaia, you'll go through a short course of a young soldier. Perform a job offered by the system to see what surprises are prepared for the project, what is the principle to control the game, and what, in the end, is a victory! Tuition gamer gets his first deck of cards. Legend Battle for Gea online created a very high quality and interesting. Details of her you'll know when you start playing. In the meantime, briefly describe how, with what you have to deal with. In the story, Gaia - the ordinary world in which people live. As elsewhere on Gaia are born and people die. Where will the soul of the deceased, depends only on the deceased. And the people of Gaia knew it. Once the forces of evil were able to penetrate into the world through the portal, missing souls to heaven and hell. When you start in the Battle for Gea play, learn that the number of intruders increased with each passing minute. The inhabitants of the world faced a real threat. And only you can cope with all the evil encroaching on someone else's territory As such rules of engagement does not exist. You can use your own tactics. Include logic - the profane in the game will not last long. To succeed in the project, you need to understand the opponent and come up with the most appropriate tactics, allowing plunge it quickly and with minimal disruption to yourself. As the project online, play Battle for Gea you with characters controlled by real people. Such interaction is constantly keeps the intrigue and makes the gameplay as interesting as possible. The project has a number of different parties to the conflict: The forces of evil, which include Vampires, Demons and Orcs. The forces of order, consisting of Elf Priestesses and Angels. There is also a neutral party to the conflict. And stick to it Dwarves, Humans and the Draconids. Very pleased that the Battle for Gea play for free. The project has its own virtual currency, which can be obtained for the successful fulfillment of tasks and gaming win over opponents.

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