Battle Pirates

Alternative names: Battle Pirates

Speaking of pirates, people continue to think of one-legged, one-eyed, with a bandana on his head, pipe in his mouth, a parrot on his shoulder and a bottle of rum in his hand sea wolves. We forget that there are pirates and now, but they are hard to take in the glamor, to which we are accustomed, but in fact nothing has changed. They kill, plunder, pursue, take the boarding ships and people in captivity for ransom. Play Battle Pirates in the strategy genre has gone a step further and offers terms of the future after the terrible disaster.

World on the brink of death, but the soul is not pirated off on this profit. They were united in opposing factions: the rebellious and drakoniytsev. Each seeks to subjugate the remaining small islands all that is left of the land, causing war will never subside.


had water were not so dangerous. Each area is patrolled, and for violation of the border can be paid dearly.

  • study and develop military skills
  • Build, improve and protect the marine bazu
  • Vybirayte ships and increase flot
  • Srazhaytes for the remaining resources and to set their own gospodstvo

Ot prosaic idealism to survive.


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