Battle Pirates

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Game Battle Pirates: romance future.

Speaking of pirates, people continue to think of one-legged, one-eyed, with a bandana on his head, pipe in his mouth, a parrot on his shoulder and a bottle of rum in his hand sea wolves. We forget that there are pirates and now, but they are hard to take in the glamor, to which we are accustomed, but in fact nothing has changed. These are the same relentless criminals, eager for profit at any cost. They kill, plunder, pursue, take the boarding ships and people in captivity for ransom. Play Battle Pirates in the strategy genre has gone a step further and offers terms of the future after the terrible disaster.

World on the brink of death, but the soul is not pirated off on this profit. They were united in opposing factions: the rebellious and drakoniytsev. Each seeks to subjugate the remaining small islands – all that is left of the land, causing war will never subside.


had water were not so dangerous. Each area is patrolled, and for violation of the border can be paid dearly. To play in the Battle Pirates have become one of the rebels, and begin to learn seamanship.

  • study and develop military skills
  • Build, improve and protect the marine bazu
  • Vybirayte ships and increase flot
  • Srazhaytes for the remaining resources and to set their own gospodstvo



Ot prosaic idealism to survive.

You have to understand that they are in the harsh reality, when the opportunity to play the game Battle Pirates is transformed into an exam survival coolest filibuster future.

Game immediately sends you on a modest island with dilapidated base. It is better not to delay and begin the restoration work. The process is long-running and difficult, requiring great resources and costs money. But you and the pirate, to know how to get the necessary.

Several items are broken in the holds of ships you, but they just do not have enough for a full base and fleet operation. Many resources have to produce yourself, and fend off the enemy, who also wants to profit from the source. With pirates live on – piracy laws to act. Who will be the most powerful, arrogant, pushy and tricky, and the seizure of power.

to build a base, take care of the inner harbor for ships, where they will be protected. Arrange defensive towers so that their range covers the whole territory.

Each building can be improved, and ships to strengthen the armor, do speedboat equipped with modern weapons. To develop, have to learn the technology and produce the drawings, which are mostly hidden in drakoniytsev ships.

To earn money, grab the quests, as well as emerging economies, building production facilities. But it is easy to cross the delicate balance of a face, and instead of making a loss of profit because work fine.



The combat system and game features.

wishing to join the Pirates Battle Pirates waiting for registration. Next, we go through the levels and reach the tenth, you can take part in campaigns with different objectives, level of complexity and prizes, and after the twentieth offers access to PVP battles.

Battle divided into two kinds:

  • The collision of two fleets in the midst morya
  • Ataka foreign islands or protection svoih

Zahvatit foreign territory in iPlayer Battle Pirates is not easy, because it is replete with gun emplacements, which cover fire every meter of the way. If an attack occurred on the part of the enemy on your space, at the time of the fighting, it is clear how well you placed the towers and turrets on its own base.


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