Alternative names: Madness
Each user of the network at least once, sure thought about the fact that behind the mystery hidden behind the walls of a psychiatric hospital. In fact, of course, nothing criminal underworld or in shelters for the mentally ill is not - this is an ordinary hospital, where patients are the same as in gastroenterology or somatic, for example, only now with a terrible diagnosis, requiring constant medical attention. But why do so many movies directors begin their horror stories is in a mental hospital? Madness vkontakte - an application that shows you your vision answer to this question. This game is won and small, and growns. We personally have seen enthusiastic gamers who have not yet perform "one more mission" from the computer prefer not to depart. This game draws its uniqueness. Indeed, to date, have no analogues Madness, as, for example, farms. Madness - a game that needs constant attention Player. As in most other applications, there is also an incentive bonus system - for regular visits to the project for five days gamer receives additional resources that may be useful in further development. Due to the fact that a browser game, messing with the jump and do not have to install new clients. That gameplay started, simply add the application to your page on a social network (find contact Madness easy - the game takes top position in the ranking of the best applications). How to play the madness you can understand in a jiffy. Getting into the game, the gamer is becoming one of the prisoners madhouse. All anything, but together with the mentally ill people living here are the real monsters. Strictly speaking, with them, and then you have to fight throughout the gameplay. Because the application is multi-user, interactive, but you play the game Madness and other participants will be able to social networking. With them you can compete for the title of the most brutal and ruthless madman. During the game, the gamer will be able to improve the skills and improve the appearance of your character. Each new outfit will help increase the strength of character that will win more often in duels and battles with monsters. What is the most wins in the bank will be a character, the more likely it will be able to increase your level. At higher levels, players new opportunities, unique clothes that are available are the most aggressive small animals. Yes, free game offers gamers Madness partner - aggressive, but very loyal monsters zveryushku. Journey to the native hospital walls entice you long. The building - a few floors and lots of interesting locations with new monsters. Each new room opens to the achievement of the next level, but to get to it can only be overcome bossa caretaker. In general, the application Madness play online quick, easy and extremely interesting. Try it yourself!

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