Big Head Bash

Alternative names: Big Head Bash

Game Big Head Bash - multiplayer browser-free dynamic game model, which is filled with exciting gameplay adventure. Players are invited to be transported into a world where the protagonists are colorful vinyl toys. From a large collection, you can choose the most attractive hero, then to manage and develop his abilities. Essence of the gameplay is largely similar to games Deathmatch, which at the time managed to gain the interest of a huge number of users. Big Head Bash online gave users the company Aeria ; Games. Developers are pleased to present a virtual environment, where it is constantly raging explosions, heroes fight with bots and with each other, and murder is commonplace. All this takes place on a beautiful 2D locations. Once inside the fantasy world you dive headlong into its atmosphere and be able to experience the thrill.

To access the virtual universe, first need to create an account. You are literally a minute fill the desired line registration form. Big Head Bash registration will take you into a bright, cheerful, eventful world. At the very beginning you need to decide on a character, and only then to indulge in fights. Already at the moment offers a wide selection of vinyl toys. Among them Angry Red , Melon Zombie , Amano Imp , Bloodfang Werewolf , Liz , Abe Sapien , Kraus , Roger and many other cool characters. But this is not the limit. As the project develops, in the near future there will be new characters, which will also be Big Head Bash play. Each character is different by some features, and their appearance. But who would you choose, you have a long way and lots of battles with bots and other gamers. Oh, what, what, and that's no shortage of contenders here! So buy arms and go. You can stock up on a variety of weapons from the simple ( shotguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, chainsaws, etc. ) To the unique (Lava Weapon, Molotov Cocktail, etc. ) There is a virtual store where you can spend the earned money. And to have the money to purchase, you must again and again to join the battle. After all victories bring you rewards.


Play game Big Head Bash can be in different modes: multiplayer, co-op , command modes, as well as matches (8 of 8) and loved by many nick capture mode. Any regime delight you with its surprises. Try all of them to find the most attractive. I must say that you are comfortable in the game world pretty quickly, and regardless of the mode will feel quite confident. After the interface is available, and all game features are clear. If you are pondering how to spend leisure time, try to play this game. Especially since it's pretty laid-back, relaxing activity and also available Big Head Bash free. You will not regret their choice! Good luck!


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