Alternative names: Biz Tycoon

World capital, money brokers, experimental economists, businessmen with experience, is now available to everyone. Game Tycoon browser economic strategy presented in the main languages ​​of the world, so gamers can communicate freely, to build their own empire.

The gameplay is accompanied by stylish young people, it is competent secretaries, young professionals in their field and those who are willing to become part of your company.

From the moment when you start to play the game Tycoon, you will have start-up capital. But up to this point will lose weight on the market by buying and selling various goods to on successful transactions to increase productivity of the company. Although it has already been said that you have a start-up capital, but the position of your precarious and fragile. Continuing to think about the dozens of options for possible scenarios of development of events, a thousand unforeseen accidents, to find out the right of millions of options, look for ways out of the crisis and difficult situations, to engage in innumerable different things at the same time.

Your employees need to be managed, but if you can grow a competent managers who will be able to make responsible decisions, it's great to relieve you and help you get closer to the goal. You can change the level of salaries of employees depending on their success.

The simulator Tycoon registration will be the beginning of the financial older, and if study hard, we can take lessons. Gameplay focuses on the accumulation of finance, but it's nice diluted construction of urban buildings, of which there are 18, such as hospitals, car parks, water park, race track, golf course.

Each building will increase your profitable land to attract new customers and bring more benefits. But the greatest profit iPlayer Oligarch bring shops, and they need to focus special attention. Choose the right location enterprises, and do not forget about the media, which will make your advertising.

Going through the levels, you gain new privileges. After the eighth, you can make investments, developing ways to supply products in 36 different directions. If you are ready to turn into a business shark, welcome to Tycoon game, captivated many players.


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