Black Bullet

Alternative names: Black Bullet, Black Bullet

Game Black Bullet from soldier to marshal.

Game Black Bullet like all fans of weapons, tactically thought out battles and survival under a hail of bullets. A multiplayer shooter runs directly in the browser and does not require downloading the client program, despite this, it has very beautiful, clearly traced graphics and great special effects.

players see the games from the first person, it gives reality to what is happening on the computer monitor, and the wonderful voice acting of all actions and shots really brings to the virtual world. As such, there is no plot in this game, it's just that you choose the side of the conflict and you can immediately start fighting baptism. Game modes in the Black Bullet five, the game will start with a little training, where the inexperienced user developers will familiarize with the character management and the main menu functions, the further choice of actions is given to the player, he can:

  • Enter the alliance and work out team battles in battles between different factions;
  • Participate in the assault, trying to release strategically important objects from enemy forces;
  • Self to enter the battlefield in free mode and gain combat experience by destroying the enemy;
  • The mode of competition involves something similar to a bloody sport, available at any level.
  • Every day the ladder mode opens, where players can enter the rating fight.

Play the game Black Bullet is a real test for fans of thrill, their hero will start his journey with a simple soldier with the lowest characteristics and equipment, and can finish fully equipped as marshal at the level of leveling of the character.

Features of the game Black Bullet.

Igra is very popular, despite the fact that it was published not so long ago. The path of a brave warrior has already become more than

users, which makes the gameplay much more interesting, because you can unite and fight with real people, and not with bots prescribed by the authors. To join Black Bullet, registration is a necessary procedure, but it does not take more than a minute. This process is necessary to ensure that all achievements and exploits are retained by the player at each entrance.

In the game in addition to a variety of modes there is a large number of battlefields, there are more than thirty. Each card requires a player or team of different tactics, somewhere better to ambush the enemy and lure him into a death trap. On another map, the most correct strategy will be to hide from the eyes with a sniper rifle, and first to destroy most of the enemies from the secret shelter, then to enter into an open battle, changing the silent weapon to a quick-fire machine. Locations are very different from each other, there is an open area, abandoned warehouses and closed constants with narrow aisles, where the group can not fit.

K a word, in the iPlayer Black Bullet the choice of weapons is very diverse, pistols of different brands, sniper and assault rifles, assault rifles with different deadly force and the number of cartridges in the cage, grenades. For all firearms you need cartridges, knives do not require bullets, and do not create noise, so they should not be neglected in the arsenal.


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