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Game Black Bullet from soldier to marshal.

Game Black Bullet will appeal to all lovers of weapons tactically thought out fighting and survival in a hail of bullets. Multiplayer shooter runs directly in the browser and does not require client software downloads, despite this, it is very beautiful, well- traced graphics and great special effects. As such, there is no plot in this game, everything is simple choose side of the conflict, and once you are ready to combat baptism. Game modes Black Bullet Five, the game starts with a little training, where the inexperienced user will familiarize developers with the management of the main character and the menu functions, further selection of actions available to the player, he may:

  • Vstupit the alliance and work team battle in the battle between different factions;
  • Pouchastvovat in the storm, trying to liberate the strategically important objects of the enemy's forces;
  • Samostoyatelno to enter the field of battle in the free mode and gain combat experience of destroying the enemy;
  • Rezhim contest implies something like a blood sport, is available at any level.
  • Every day opens ladder mode where players can join the fight against the rating.

Play the game Black Bullet real challenge for thrill-seekers, their character will start their way as a simple soldier with the lowest performance and gear, and can finish fully armed with the rank of Marshal to one hundredth level leveling.

Features Black Bullet.

The game is very popular, despite the fact that came out not too long ago. On the way to become a brave warrior for more than 100 million users, which makes the gameplay much more interesting, because you can unite and fight with real people, not bots prescribed authors. To join the Black Bullet registration is a necessary procedure, but it does not take more than a minute. This process is necessary in order to achieve all the feats and saved the player at each entrance.

In addition to a variety of game modes and there are a large number of battlefields, their more than thirty. Each card requires the player or team with different tactics, somewhere better to ambush the enemy and lure him into a deadly trap. On another map, the most correct strategy is to hide from the eyes with a sniper rifle, and the first to destroy most of the enemies of the hiding place, then to enter into an open battle, swapping silent weapon on rapid-firing gun. Locations are very different from each other, there is an open area, abandoned warehouses and closed constancy with narrow passages, where a group does not fit.

To earn game money and experience in several ways, in the Black Bullet to play alone or with friends by simply selecting the card mode and battle, and you can perform tasks from the developers, both planned and limited in time, for their performance of the players receive prizes, game tools, premium equipment and powerful weapons.


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