Bless Online

Alternative names: Bless Online

BlessOnline - free multiplayer role-playing game client fi genre developed in medieval style. Project from the Korean company Neowiz able to perform a serious competitor current games of similar subjects. The game is installed on BlessOnline modern Unreal Engine 3 and graphics is one of the advantages of the virtual world. The plot at first glance may seem familiar, but it took close gameplay, you'll find a lot of interesting points. Implacable enemies belonging to two factions such as Union and Hieron still can not find a common language. As part of the opposing factions meet representative of different races. Hot battle and then raging on the gaming locations. You expect dogfights, siege castles, epic battles on land, an unforgettable adventure in every corner of the vast universe. No wonder the project employed about 150 people, the product turned out really worthy and promising. Why do not you make yourself in this?

To get to the gameplay, you should download and install the client on your PC. We are happy to wanting to plunge into the maelstrom of fantastic events that this does not necessarily have a fancy computer. Even if your friend has a modest iron parameters, it does not matter. After the system requirements for this game is quite loyal and not scare users, but rather the contrary, contribute to increasing their number. Yes, and the client installation process is quite simple. Just do not forget that you need to first create an account. BlessOnlineregistratsiya takes just a couple of minutes. Enter e-mail address, user name and password. Then you at any time convenient for you will be able to enter the game.

Starting to play the game online BlessOnline, you must decide what will be your hero. The choice is given as many as 10 races and 8 classes. Your abilities will largely depend on belonging to the class. Perechislimihvseh

- Bersreker (strengths, bringing death, suggestive opponents fear, not being accustomed to concede)

- Guardian (the brave defenders of the empire, who are always ready to stand up to the last, and their sword and shield are reliable assistants)

- Ranger (excellent spies, wizards hold traps are able to hit the enemy unexpectedly from a distance);

- Paladin (powerful, well-trained soldiers, there is something divine and majestic)

- Mage (living under the laws of magic and logic wise men, many of them tend to create new spells)

- Warlock (wizards and warlocks treacherous to resemble demons from other dimensions)

- Mystic (a perfectly balanced class, whose members are relevant to the attacks, and for the defense, and even able to heal)

- Assassin (professional killers, different unexpected actions and secretive, besides they are surprisingly nimble).

BlessOnlinebesplatno offers to become one of the above characters. Controlling your hero, you will need to do everything possible to see it developing. Take care, and that the soldier was well armed. Note that the available weapons depends on who you are. So there comes a time to go out to the expanses of gaming locations and take BlessOnlineigrat to the fullest! Perform various tasks, bravely join the battle, get allies and prove to everyone around them that are not only able to survive amidst all this chaos, but also take a decent position. Keep in mind that the forces have to be compared with the real players who have exactly the same as you have your aspirations and ambitions. But the defeat of the enemy - a real pleasure!

Game is able to interest and seasoned gamers and those who are new to the world of fantasy. Appreciate its merits, having experienced all on their own experience. Let justified wildest expectations!


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