Fight Club

Alternative names: Combat

Fight Club Online - browser-based multiplayer online game, free of charge, is a true phenomenon in the gaming industry of the CIS. Once developers have released this game, it instantly became the standard for comparison of other similar game products for a long time. And probably many people already know that a similar standard in the gaming world online game Fight Club and remains to this day. It's all given that the number of games that are an exact copy of this game is growing every day, but what would not have made Herculean efforts of developers, their creations are still not able to compete with Fight Club. Play the game online Fight Club can every gamer who has access to the Internet, no age or territorial restrictions. This makes the game very popular not only in the CIS, but also worldwide.

Join in the game Fight Club does not take much of your time, all you need to do - to enter the account name and e-mail address and password secure access to your account. Thereafter, in your e-mail address will receive a letter confirming that the registration completed Fight Club.

Game Fight Club Online will open before you a world full of struggle and competition, in which victory intoxicate and defeat temper. Game story has virtually no, and everything that happens in the game - a fierce battle between fantasy characters: brave soldiers and knowing a lot about magic magicians.

System classes in the game contains nothing superfluous. You can choose one of three specialties of your character - the wise magician, a powerful warrior or predpriimchivovogo merchant. Fight Club online game in which you can develop your character however they choose to make it.

Actually, the development of your character is not much different from bleeding in many of these online games. Do you have glasses improve the skills of the character that will be available for distribution while improving your game protege. Of the main available are four types of characteristics that influence how to behave in a fight your hero: endurance, agility, strength and intuition. In addition to these parameters suschestvuyutesche special characteristics called elite.

Agility - it's what makes you dodge your opponent's body blows and in many ways - the key to survival in combat.

Power also directly affects your power and determines how strong physical attacks will inflict your hero. She also affects the kind of weapons and armor will be able to wear your protege.

Intuition - the ability to anticipate in advance the actions of his opponent, and it's in the game Fight Club is a remarkable advantage. Well, endurance - a measure of kollichestva your lives and an indication of how big a backpack can be yours with the equipment.

Once you reach level four, you will be able to study intelligence, seventh - will be able to pump wisdom on the tenth - spirituality. The thirteenth level will have such characteristics as will, at the sixteenth - freedom, and the Nineteenth your perosnazhu opens this parameter, as divinity. At first glance it may seem that play the game online Fight Club is easy and interesting, but all these illusions instantly dispelled as soon as you start playing.

Original fighting system used in the Fight Club game developers used quite a lot of online toy and she has repeatedly argued that can rightly be considered one of the best ever created in the domestic and foreign igroproma.

Game Battle is a step by step as soon as you are given the right to make a move, you will need to select the part of the body to attack and the area on your body, which will protect. There are four basic areas: Time, body, legs and head. You can also put a block on any pair of areas you want to protect.

Battles also differ in the type of use of force. They may be purely physical, magical or group. For beginners, provided a special type of fights, allowing them as quickly as possible to understand all the wisdom of the game.


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