Alternative names: Brick-Force

Brick - Force Online - awesome multiplayer shooter with realistic 3 D [ _2_] graphics from the company Infernum . Ability to create thousands of maps, do the worlds so what you see in your dreams, fight or cooperate with other players to resolve a very complicated at first glance, the problem of choosing the most suitable among a plurality of modes, and simply enjoy the versatility of the project & ndash , all of which gives users free of Brick Force game. Collecting cards, you will receive meritorious, and it, twice as nice, rather than just enjoying the process of construction. After all, so you will have an incentive to work! Successful can be anyone who will make even a little effort. Just try - not exactly facing disappointment!

Install the client on your PC, you can immediately as soon as you pass the Brick - Force registration. Account creation process is not time consuming. Enter e-mail address (repeat), password (repeat) and nickname. Terms and news subscription - by default. Another important point - it is necessary that your computer meets the system requirements for the gameplay. To you without problems become Brick - Force play, compare your computer configuration with the list: the operating system WindowsXP/WindowsVista/Windows 7; processor Pentium IV 1,8 GHz, 128 MB video card, free space on your hard drive 2 GB and 1 GB of RAM. We have to admit that the system requirements quite forgiving.

Now you are a legitimate user Brick - Force online and it would be nice to explore all of its features. Let's start with the fact that, first of all, you are here to create maps. It can be done solo or joint team effort. Working together with your friends, you can inspire your enthusiasm! Show your creativity, think the coolest designs, because it is the very chance to show itself in all its glory! Play Brick - Force can using many modes. We list them in turn:

- Team Deathmatch : players are divided into two teams (up to 8 people each) and strive to reach the goal before time runs out .

- Deathmatch : the game for himself. Need to kill more enemies.

- Defusion : the battle between the two teams, in which should defuse bomb the enemy and lay their on its territory.

- Capture the Flag ( CTF ): the main goal - to capture the flag, which should be attributed to the enemy base. There are certain points of capture, and can view them on the radar.

- Assembly and destruction: first, you determine the size of the card, then you are doing such an exciting venture as an assembly and destruction. At the second stage is available to expand the previously constructed base.

- Defense : classic defense and attack. From the enemy you must defend its values, while trying to inflict damage more substantial.

Among these modes there are certainly your favorite. What else is able to please a virtual reality? Brick - Force game allows you to open thousands of cards used in certain modes of building blocks and a large assortment of bricks, and provides users the ability to post key interactive elements of your choice ( turrets, stepping stones, bombs). And you can visit the in-game store to make a pleasant shopping. For example, if you need a gun, enough to have the funds to purchase and visit a retail outlet. And if there is a need to change clothes, you again to the same road. Or maybe you decided to make a surprise to someone and want to buy a useful little thing. Gifts range you will find everything in the same store. Acquired inventory will bring many benefits during gameplay.


To summarize, regardless of whether you'll be playing, I mean solo or join a clan, you will be equally interesting. In the game world there is always something to do. Rich, full of variety, perfectly thought out gameplay has interested many players. Just try - and you will surely fulfill your desires! Pleasant experiences!


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