Black Corsair

Alternative names: Black Corsair

Game Black Corsair for sea adventures

The virtual world now and then strives to send players to the future for amazing technologies or fantasy country to face miracles and magic; to stick the nose of humanity in the apocalypse and expose it to the attack of monsters. If you unbearably wanted something more romantic, with a taste of adventure and a pinch of dangers, the Black Corsair game is best suited.

This browser-based strategy takes you into the 16th century, when people plied the seas, discovered new continents and tied up trade relations, fought on ships and encountered pirates. Now this piece of history seems so distant and attractive. If you regret that you were not lucky to be born at that time, you can play the Black Corsair, correcting the miscalculations of fate.

First steps in the game space

The first item that every new captain has to do is the Black Corsair registration. After that there is a choice of character:

  • Trading Expert
  • The rich heiress
  • Daughter of the English Duke
  • Portugal ruined aristocrat
  • Placial seafarer

The life of each character once cracked, led the wrong way and substituted a bandwagon. In other words, each has its own reasons for becoming a corsair.

Having defined a role, you will begin a way from the lowest steps of sea craft to the real thunder-storm of the seas. Where will the new destiny lead you, and what surprises does it prepare?

As no captain controls the ship himself, you need to get a team. Go to the menu section and read the characteristics of the sailors before hiring them. Then the most exciting part begins.

First you have one ship, then two, three, and gradually the whole flotilla will become. For each ship, you need a reliable crew, but ships and crew must constantly be pumped to improve performance.

We alternate wars with other missions

Poskolku much to do some fighting, it is necessary to equip the fleet with slaughter guns, fast sails and spacious holds. After the battle, pick up the good that has been dropped by the enemy. You can sell it or keep it.

The tasks that give you from different continents will help you to develop:

  • Catch or deliver cargo
  • Felt a ship
  • Take it to the boarding
  • Protect the village from attack
  • Reconcile monster

For each duly executed order, you are rewarded with money, experience, bonus items or goods. Everything will come in handy if not at the moment given, then later for sure.

Learn shipbuilding, the basics and rules, opportunities and tactics: defense, attack, artillery. All moments are important: both how the team is trained and how you set up the ships. It is better to put some ships at the head, save others, hiding them from direct hits. But these difficult lessons will begin later, and first gradual learning with simple quests, followed by generous gifts and bonuses to support you and spur on new achievements.

It is very important to unite with the players for joint battles. Allies will always help, highlighting several ships in support, or join in a big battle. Others can declare war and see who will be stronger in the end.

, and at the end a few pleasant words about iPlayer Black Corsair. Of course, the strategy game is worth attention. It is perfectly framed in the spirit of the epoch, equipped with useful maps, and the music corresponds to the place of stay - Oriental motifs, march rhythms, intense musical accompaniment of crucial scenes, sound effects of ports.


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