Alternative names: Chibiki

Chibiki online - free multiplayer game in the genre of fantasy, which has gained a huge following throughout the world.

Online game Chibiki brings to the computer player the following minimum requirements:

· Windows XP / Vista / 7

· High speed internet connection,

· Processor: Intel P4 3 GHz and above


· Video Card: Geforce FX 5800 and above

· At least 5 GB of free hard disk space

· DirectX 9. 0c and above

Join in the game Chibiki is three simple steps. The first step is

· To select the desired username - the name by which you will know the game;

· Introduction of e-mail addresses

· You have to accept the user agreement and read the rules of the game

· And enter the numbers from the picture.

Register Chibiki continue confirming the password. Then you will need to download the game client - a special program that helps in displaying graphics and minimizes errors. Customer size - about 1.5 GB. Chibiki online registration is complete, and you are ready to dive in amazingly bright, cartoon world.

Chibiki online game based on the incredibly popular novel in China Zhu Xian . Starting to play the game online Chibiki, you find yourself in a world where two factions oppose

· True doctrine

· Heretics .

You will need to choose which party will hold your character. And the heretics, and the supporters of the true doctrine has three magic schools.

A true teaching is:

· Temple pure cloud . Its adherents can use mass magic attacks, combined and total power kill enemies

· Monastery heavenly sound - this sanctuary healers, helpers for attacking fighters;

· Sect burning incense has the most potent spells, besides successfully resist poisons.

Heretics can choose for yourself one of the following schools:

· Crane king ghosts fighters which are famous for causing significant physical damage and resistant to magic;

· Guild acacia can become invisible and resurrect their allies, and they also love to use attacks that inflict physical damage;

· School holy witch - extremely serious opponents possessing strong curses and good ability to attack.

Game Chibiki online offer your character unique Assistant - pet. Pet helps his master in battle, possessing special abilities. He may also wish to carry out any host, however, if his level of commitment is high enough. Pet you can get in a fight or having successfully completed all the tasks for a beginner to get his reward.

The game has a well-designed combat system, which is not inferior to the best games of this genre. Fights walkthroughs, and victory depends on the chosen tactics, as well as on the level and characteristics of your character and pet. When you play Chibiki, you can keep fighting in the automatic mode, use the first-aid during the battle to restore his powers. Massive battles players against players - a hundred participants on each side, will not leave anyone indifferent.

When you play the game Chibiki online, then you will not have to miss. With each new level before you will open new abilities and possibilities. Quests - special tasks during the execution of which will have to fight and smash his head on riddles - updated every five levels.

During that as you will Chibiki play, you will be pleased with a great social component of the game. Your character can find a mate in the game, and all variants of the interaction with other players set.

Immersed in this game, you get to the world, reminiscent of cartoons anime and not soon be able to tear himself away.


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