Alternative names: Citadel
Another creation of BitComposer Games - Game Citadel - caused a lot of controversy among critics and representatives of the gaming elite. This project is made in real time. As it often happens with masterpieces, just no one has recognized this project. Moreover, the most inveterate skeptics and today complain that the plot, then schedule it on the mechanics. Perhaps too close to the heart to take their statements should not, in the end, people work like this - grumble. Certainly most of the critics who once failed to believe in the game today bite elbows as gaming world saw in the project a real competitor brilliant and beloved by millions of Starcraft. Game Citadels - quite a contrast project because some players in the soul is not fer it, others hate with a perfect hatred, never played themselves into it and do not recommend comrades. Perhaps this is the popularity? Probably the name of the game made your mind to paint landscapes of King Arthur, but in practice it is not so. The game's plot is fairly confused and forces the player to exercise care and ingenuity at all stages of gameplay. It is quite obvious that the developers originally wanted to make a game that fits all the canons of the genre, but the desire to create something special won. That is why today in Citadels pc we can recognize elements previously used in Battle Realms, Stronghold and other similar games. Before you start a new game, you will need to download Citadels. And here it would have to report the most unpleasant. On the official website to download games to play Steam distributions today are as much as 40 dollars. Pretty strong statement, is not it? However, after the fly in the ointment should always mention the ointment - a resource holds regular sales, so if you now pay a sum not want, you can wait for a more opportune moment, or ask for help from the good old torrent trackers. Citadels extend our review we would like to remark that not all locations in the game signed. What is true, this disadvantage is relevant only in the initial stages, the more time you spend being passionate about the project, the more adapt to the game, and the easier it will gameplay. Following, just need to clarify the situation with the organization of armies - in the project they will consist of simple peasants. This means that before the performance in the fight, you will need to spend a long training in order to adapt the villager to participate in battles. What is most interesting, it allows you to play Citadels more dedication and devotion, feeling responsible for their simple-minded soldiers. Continue the story of the game can be very long, but it is more efficient to test it personally. If you want to pre-imagine the design features clearly, should see a descriptive video Citadels.

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