City of Transformers

Alternative names: City trasformery

City of Transformers online - this is a new free online MMORPG game client last generation of Transformers, created on the basis of its own graphics engine. This game is made in the genre of Sci-Fi, where huge metropolis turned into a place of military action, and huge humanoid robots have become full ihnimi residents.

So, coming into the game you need to pass City of Transformers registration. You will need to enter your e-mail, username and password. And then download the game client.

Registration After the game City of Transformers, you will be asked to create a character svogo: first select the floor, then choose a character class (them in Game 6 and all of them have more than 80 skills), then you can change the appearance of your character and assign svogo his name. Note the characteristics vashogo character, their 23 pieces and they will all be important in battle. Well, in principle all. Now let's look more in detail in the existing online game City of Transformers classes, which was mentioned

Assault - this special melee developed strength and health. Excellent command of various cutting and slashing weapons;

Ghost - it's fast, agile, and secretive character. Owns the twin blades;

Technician - is a master of ranged weapons and various types of shooting.

Can fire bursts and put opponents on the way booby traps;

Psionics - can affect enemies at a distance and inflict great damage spells disaster and immobilize them;

Defender - can heal allies (even the whole group), and auxiliary aura elevating characters;

Technomage - affects enemies, imposing on them such effects as: poisoning, erosion, loss of mind control, reduced resistance, is able to call for help droids.

So, you're in the game. On the screen you will see instructional message that you need to carefully consider. Caught in one of the 2 small camps depending on the class, the first thing you need to do is talk to the NPC (NPC), which will need to take the job.

Throughout the game City of Transformers online, you will be offered a variety of interesting, diverse and challenging tasks, which are divided into several types: Main, Side, Daily and Serial.

After completing the first few quests in the online game City of Transformers, you will get a reward its first transformer. True, he will not initially possess great strength and can not carry passengers, but before your first enemy it will look like gangbusters. Killing monsters and completing quests, you will regularly receive trophies and awards.

Play Game City of Transformers online, you will battle enemies and protect the Matrix, which holds many secrets. All events will unfold in 21 regions of the planet, where you expect a variety of tests and danger. But it's not all play City of Transformers you will have the opportunity to visit the moon, moon Amikrona, and even in the past or future.

If you know one of the secrets of the Matrix, you can control transformers (which in the game for more than 50 species). Each transformer in the game City of Transformers online can be transformed into one of the vehicles (each class has its own type of transport), it aeromobile, Aerobayk walking or AIM.

Play online game City of Transformers you will be available 11 professions, with which you can obtain resources for the manufacture of various items ekipirovok, elixirs, chips, and even their own Transformers. To trade in City of Transformers online game market and the proposed auction.

Here you can form guilds, in addition, in the City of Transformers play can get yourself pets (more than 50), which will always be with you, but never enter into battle. In the game, there are other objects that you can interact: mechanical and electronic devices, computers, teleporters, field resources ...

Want to try? Join City of Transformers give you this opportunity!


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