Civilization online

Alternative names: Civilization online

Civilization Online - multiplayer, historical game. The company manufacturers provides all fans the opportunity to play, being in the real world, a game whose aim is to create, build peace, a new civilization. And it all online.

Very pleased that the game Civilization Online does not require a powerful settings of your computer. And only such basic system requirements, such as:

  • Average computer system parameters;
  • Connection to the Internet.

Because the version of the game Civilization Online is not yet out in the world of gaming, of course, the creators have not thought the process of formalizing the players in the game process. But presumably the sequence and the data that you will need to provide in the process - Civilization Online registration will be as follows:

    1. Login to the official website of the game Civilization Online;
    2. Provide your valid email address,
    3. Invent and write down your password, consisting of not less than six letters or numbers;
    4. Repeat password, and do not repeat the password in the other networks, to ensure the safety of your game account;
    5. Go to the gameplay.

Probably not so simple you'll pass this standard for any game, the way that would play Civilization Online. And maybe check your account will be pretty quick and easy. But this is not for us to decide with you.

What would you play the game online Civilization Online is not necessary to think step by step, as this does not involve the online version of this.

In the beginning, you will be offered four civilization. At this amount will not end when you walk down the game, will appear more civilization. Your character will not linger in one civilization entire game. It will automatically flip to the gameplay, every time when you'll reach a certain goal, perform a task in a certain area.

Also, it is very interesting that you'll come in different eras. Here they will be six

  • Ancient ;
  • Classical ;
  • Medieval ;
  • Renaissance ;
  • Industrial ;
  • Modern .

You will see the world in all colors. And this will help you high-quality graphics and good animation in the game.

But still, like any game, there is an end to his winning. Victory will smile only when you create a strong civilization. In the opportunities which will capture most of the world or one of the conditions of victory - to reach the top of the Modern Age and the development of space Trips.

Presumably you'll play Civilization Online free. Is that for real money you will acquire the necessary parts and elements, or to improve the quality of character for better gameplay.

Promise that the game will be the best of its kind. Well you do not always offer stand their civilization, as it would be the creator of the world.


Is worth a try! It seems that the game Civilization Online should already have legions of fans wishing for a moment not to depart from the fascinating process.


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