Civilization 5

Alternative names: Civilization 5

After the early part of the acclaimed Civilization V project developers had to do the impossible, to attract the interest of gamers and meet all their expectations. And it is worth noting, they succeeded! In the fifth part of the legendary project implemented completely new specifications, while the backbone of the game remained unchanged and the distinctive features of Civilization even read between the lines.

Civilization 5 game become more interesting and exciting project. Developers take responsibility significantly raise the bar of quality, and therefore the game is realized significantly improved and expanded options for development. Now opponents have become much more tricky and clever, and to win you have to develop more sophisticated strategies and plans. Just as in the previous parts, there is a possibility in the fifth network game, but now it is made much easier and more dynamic. And, of course, it is impossible not to draw the attention to the graphics of the game - not truthfully, you can call this game a true piece of art.

Civilization 5 game offers fans an interesting story. The main goal of the game - development. Your character will act as the leader of his own tribe. And of primitive society leader will create a truly advanced and cultural nation. You say, the plot is somewhat like all previous versions of Civilization? We will not argue, there really are some similarities, however, do not jump to conclusions, it is actually a new game, to ensure that you can simply download Civilization 5 and try to pass a couple of missions.

The developers decided to depart a little from the usual screen domestic policy, and now the menu, which displays all of the major changes the character more closely resembles a similar menu in Diablo.

If you would like to see a more peaceful game with fewer bloody battles, then, unfortunately, hasten to disappoint you. If you are already familiar with the project, teach you how to play Civilization 5 is not necessary, however, warn that the issue of diplomacy fifth of stepped back. Yes, now your character will have to improve the skills of warfare. However, this fact and gives the game a sort of charm.

One of the most interesting innovations are the city-state. While large settlements may refuse to enter into the union, the small town may be able to be faithful allies.

In order to download Civilization 5, you will need to purchase pre-access keys. The game is available for purchase at many stores, but, for example, Steam regular stocks, and you can buy the game at great discount prices.

Ability to trade in an updated version has been replaced by the possibility of contracting, enabling collaborative research.

Even though that play Civilization 5 for free until it is not possible, many players join the ranks of every project participants.


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