Alternative names: Clash of Olympus

Game Battle of the Gods on Olympus laws.

Ancient legends have magical aura, bringing stories of the pagan gods. They formed the basis of many gaming products, among which stands out browser-based game Battle of the Gods.

Igroki dipped into the atmosphere of ancient Greek legends, and become members of the highlights of the gods - Olympus itself. Every new player becomes a child of the Creator of the Universe, and is forced to confront his father. He became a tyrant, and it's time to overthrow him.

Pered you open up enormous opportunities where you can make friends with Chaos, compete with Zeus, to help save the Prometheus, to be on Atlantis, to visit the caves scattered throughout the ancient kingdom. Nothing prevents you in the Battle of the Gods play right now, because the game is presented free of charge. And if so, it's time to start hunting for the terrible Titans, echidnas dangerous, unforgiving demons with cyclops, minotaurs and centaurs.

Selecting a hero.

Chtoby play the game Battle of the Gods, you need a way in which you set out to conquer the Olympus, and since all three classes, breaking the long option will not have a head.

  • Rytsar protected by armor from enemy attacks, and endowed with the courage to allow the enemy to throw in the forefront. He left a number of slaughter methods, to whom not stand the most serious opponent.
  • Luchnik prefers to methodically destroy the enemy from a distance, accurately sending their arrows at him, but did not survive long in a melee attack.
  • Magician excel, rushing the enemy cunning spells, and feels invincible. But when that will be selected too close to him, it is not able to offer serious resistance.

These characteristics are always the characters, though increased in the process of passing. There are more talents, as well as the opportunity to earn up to five assistants in the Temple of the Gods.

Poskolku before you browser based strategy, provides for the Battle of the Gods registration coming up with a name and password. If you have already defined a gaming class takes to perform tasks, which do not lack.

Almost immediately you find yourself faced with a choice in how to go underground for the feat and glory. You have to cope with Chimeras, teen Titans, Cerberus calm. In the first mission you get some experience and improve their skills to cope with a more dangerous job - meeting with the cyclops, minotaurs and other ancient creatures.

Victory glory except you mined currency. Silver is virtually at your feet, and get it easily, but gold is given for the most difficult quests and sold for real money.

Finansy allow you to purchase new equipment, and in the Battle of the Gods iPlayer is thought very comfortable - the ability to move objects pumped with new ones. This eliminates the agony, leave the old thing, or better to buy a new one with minimal features.

Bitvy in Clash of Olympus take place alternately with the enemy, and to succeed, you have to think about the balance on the battlefield, given the talents of his characters and enemy. After using magic and win conventional equipment rivals, go to a meeting with the bosses, and then be able to open a map of useful skills, and more solid than was the boss, the better the resulting skill.

Igrokam useful occasionally to look in the arena to accept the challenge of the players, and for the victory or to teach a useful artifact award. And in order to become a powerful force that can defeat any monster - unite in alliances.


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