Call of Duty

Alternative names: Call of Duty, cod

Game Call of Duty is one of the most popular computer games of worship. You will dive into the world of the Second World War in the first person. All actions taking place in the game you can see from different angles, from different faces of soldiers.

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In Call of Duty game play you can play on the side of one of the four campaigns:

1) American campaign.

2) British campaign.

3) Soviet campaign.

4) Federal Campaign.


In-Game Call of Duty 1 is every dripping its number of missions:

1) American Campaign - 8 missions:

- Camp Toccoa;

- Researcher;

- Night;

- Day;

- Normandy;

- Estate Brekur;

- Chateau in the Alps;

- Camp prisoners.


2) British Campaign - Mission 6:

- Pegasus Bridge. Night;

- Pegasus Bridge. Day;

- Eder Dam;

- Escape;

- Aerodrome;

- Battleship "Tirpitz".


3) Soviet dripping - 9 missions:

- Stalingrad;

- Red Square,

- Railway Station;

- Collectors Stalingrad

- House Pavlova

- Warsaw factory;

- Warsaw railway yard;

- Village on the river Oder,

- City on the River Oder.


4) Federal Campaign - Mission 3

- The impregnable fortress;

- Location of the launch of the V-2 rockets;

- Reichstag.


Game Call of Honor contains both the main characters and minor.

Every company in the game Call of Duty weapons are unique and common. Common weapon in the game playing dynamite.

Also there are factions and other weapons

1. The Third Reich:

- Pistol

- Rifle,

- Sniper rifle,

- Automatic rifle;

- Submachine gun;

- Launcher;

- Assault rifle,

- Hand grenade;

- Total gun.

2. USA:

- Carbine;

- Pistol

- Different rifles;

- Submachine gun;

- A hand grenade.

3. UK:

- A hand grenade;

- Submachine gun;

- Rifles;

- Machine gun.


- A hand grenade;

- Rifle,

- Anti-tank gun,

- Submachine gun.


In the game Call of Duty pc you can play in one of the modes provided:

1. Fight against all - is the mode in which you have to fight against all opponents. After the death of the player can immediately resurrected.

2. Team Deathmatch - a mode where players are divided into two teams. If you kill enemies, you get points for it. If you kill your ally, the points will be deducted from your account. After the death of a player in the game can not be restored.

3. Search and destroy - a mode where players are divided into several teams. In this mode, one team at a specific location must plant the bomb, and the other team must prevent this. Only in the next round after death you will be able to recover.

Game Call of honor filled various special effects, exciting events, and thrilling missions.

During each mission you are waiting for different surprises that both associated with historical events or not.


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