Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Alternative names: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Game CoDBlackOps 2 - ninth legendary project Call of Duty and the second part of the game series [_3_ ] Black Ops . Global release of the game took place in November 2012. Distinctive feature CallofDuty: Black Ops 2 [_4_ ] , as well as its predecessor - the presence of a meaningful and coherent plot. Now the game is not a chaotic set of war scenes, she was able to embody the competent plot. Project is so shocked the conscience of gamers that some of them are the main characters associated with the heroes of popular Hollywood movies.

Black Ops 2 [ _4_] did not apply to any special marks, but unexpectedly for developers and players, has managed to become the most sincere (yes, it was sincere) project of the year. Today shooter CoD Black Ops 2 could be called one of the most popular shooters. He successfully sochetaetv brilliant plot, atmospheric scenery, the original task.

For you to play can begin, you will need to (traditionally) download CoDBlackOps 2. Torrent trackers help to make the jump and client installation quick and hassle-free process. Going into the project, you can see that before the start of each new mission, the player is invited to choose two main types of weapons and gather all the necessary parts and accessories thereto.

A new draft of your actions and your character will directly depend on the further outcome of the game. In the game there are a few specific plot points, in which a character will appear before this. The decision taken in BO 2 change the subsequent developments in the game.

In campaign "Tools" hero in each new mission will be offered bonuses. It could be sapper vests, and new varieties of weapons and powerful traps. Each new mission opened 10 jobs. Under the terms of the game for the testing of the hero rely rewards in the form of additional weapons. Missions added some innovations that make the management of multiple characters can be carried out simultaneously.

Call of [_6_ ] Duty : Black Ops 2 - the game , in which your main task will be to guide. That is, you will need to give instructions and develop a variety of combat tactics. Have to learn to react quickly to the task at lightning speed and generate orders. You have to defend the control points to storm enemy shelter, monitor and defend your territory.


To verify the reliability of the above, and personally look at a new project, you can look to CoDBlackOps 2 video -trailer, which describes in detail all the features and benefits of the game.


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