Company of Heroes

Alternative names: Company of Heroes

Today amateurs strategic shooter game Company of Heroes was somewhat sidelined in anticipation of the new second part. But we should not forget about all the achievements is the first part of the project. After all, one of the few she managed to win accolades most avid gaming critics. Developers do not abandon their offspring to fend for themselves and constantly indulge gamers new additions to the more interesting and intriguing missions. Trouble many companies developing games about war is what they do all too tragic. CoH game directly attributable to the military strategies, successfully managed to embody the seriousness of the time and do not overdo it with the tragedy. In the end, not unseemly to gamers out because of a computer with an unpleasant sediment, it's just a game computer.

This project can be called truly beautiful despite the horror of the time, which is displayed in it. In fact, the creators of the game managed to do the impossible - a new interesting project on seemingly hackneyed subject (impossible not to note the fact that 80% of good games develop themes of war).

To start the game, Company of Heroes will need to pre-buy. The cost of the game on the official site today is about $ 40. The main essence of the game - development. You will need to massively build buildings, and subsequently improve their structure. In addition, your character will have the option of resource extraction - not exactly a typical solution for military strategy. And, of course, you will find a lot of jobs lies mostly in capturing control points.

Almost all the major events preceded by a roller in Company of Heroes. Video resemble their scope and content resemble American war films. Specifying a bar next to the video, the creators of the game had to withstand the full cinematic game until the end. That's why playing, sometimes you feel like a participant in the film.

Once you can download Company of Heroes, you will see for yourself that most missions, designed for individual routes, somewhat like the stories of American cinema.

In all project developments will directly depend on your decisions and strategies implemented. So, making one wrong move, you can lose a few dozen built units and vice versa. Many gamers do not like this development, and in turn we find in this particular charm, causing more serious about the game in general and the development of strategies in particular.

To download the game Company of Heroes you can simply go to the official website of the game. Ahead of you expect a serious game that can keep you busy for long winter evenings.

And you should not confuse the fact that the play Company of Heroes for free until you succeed. This project is really worth the amount claimed, you will not regret!


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