Company of Heroes 2

Alternative names: Company of Heroes 2

This continuation awaited by many gamers. And then, finally, Game Company of Heroes 2 was presented to the people. Certainly, due to completely different points of view, our compatriots in the game immediately there were several glaring inaccuracies. Some resources were even posted a petition demanding ban the distribution of the game in the vast post-Soviet space. However, despite all the comments and flaws developers who do not appreciate the high quality of the game and excellent technical characteristics it is simply impossible. Yes, and besides, knowing absolutely individual point of view of Canadians and Americans on proistechenie war, this interpretation of events, you can forgive them (only for quality performance, of course).

Now you will be able to Company of Heroes 2 play using full Soviet campaign. Gamers from around the world will take part in the Battle of Stalingrad, near Moscow and attend during the capture of the Reichstag. The main hero of the project is the prisoner sitting in the gulag Sliv Isakovitch. And some events are restored according to his memoirs. Certainly, then, as implemented in the game all the battles and battles from the historical point of view, and in what light exhibited all Russian commissioners, does not tolerate any criticism, but do not rush to close our Company of Heroes 2 review, yet we are in favor of technically good game, but CoH is just that.

Much more important still is how competently, efficiently and rapidly implemented a campaign plan. In each mission, the character will need to act on two or even three fronts simultaneously. The game offers many missions and tasks, and each new task set before you will contribute to an unexpected turn of events. With each step (as you will see as soon as you can download Company of Heroes 2) simple and straightforward at first glance, the mission will be complemented by new tasks and unexpected orders.

It is worth noting that the game is not for the faint of heart. So, your enemies and events, dynamically changing each other, will not let you relax for a minute. To see this in person, you can watch the demo video Company of Heroes 2. With such a rapid change of events lament the distortion of historical facts simply do not have time.

Play becomes more difficult because the developers have decided to improve the survival of heavy military equipment, so now for the destruction of enemy forces will have to spend more energy. In the game, the same as in the preceding part, will appear three main types of resources:

1. People.

2. Fuel.

3. Ammunition.

To view the project in detail, we recommend CoH 2 download.

By tradition, a quest you can get bonus points, giving further opportunity to gain access to more expensive ammunition. And though the play Company of Heroes 2 free does not work, try yourself in this game is worth - this quality project must see every gamer!


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