Cosmic Break

Alternative names: Cosmic Break

Game Cosmic Break - free multiplayer third-person shooter with realistic 3D graphics, designed in anime style. The characters' actions, which will always occur to fight with each other, are robots. On the battlefield, can act simultaneously against 30 players of the same amount. Users available to create a character, pick up weapons and for him to decide which mode to play CosmicBreak. What will be the robot depends on your imagination. After restrictions nothing happens and you can manage the unique character born your fantasies. There are, of course, the proposal to use one of the available 50 models already collected. But if you do not like it, roll up your sleeves and using more than 300 parts, Bring, that will be really expensive your heart. Then, choosing one of the three existing factions, you will lead the robot into endless fights. Objectives are clear - to survive in hot battles to win and take a well-deserved award. Not only that, you will play CosmicBreak free, so also for every battle you rely merit points, play money and all sorts of useful items such as spare parts for the robot. Go for it! Success - the result of your effort!

CosmicBreak registration will take you to the wonderful, beautiful, full of dynamic events of the world. All you have to do - is to fill in the registration form on the official website. Fill in the appropriate fields username, password, email address. Enter the game you will be able to through Facebook, so that during the account creation is necessary to specify the name of another forum. Once all the necessary information will upload CosmicBreak online and enjoy the most interesting gameplay.

Company CyberStep, Inc. , Which stands by the project developer, tried to make the product available and therefore the system requirements do not shock people are insane. For gameplay will need the following settings on the computer: OS Windows (2K/XP/Vista/7); processor Intel Pentium III 1. 2 GHz; DirectX 9 compatible. 0, RAM 256 MB. As for the Internet connection, it should be at least 128 kbps.

Well, if the formalities are settled, it is time to go back to the parallel dimension called Space Abode. Caught in the distant future, you will have to choose a side, for which no pity to give all their strength and begin collecting energy of the cosmos that will help revive one of the ancient Arkov (for the right to exist and that you have decided to fight), so that he in turn turn defeated Chaos seized power. You to understand the essence of the game itself, and everything fell into place, let's turn to history. In a world where you were sufficiently long period of time anarchy. Pre-existing race of huge robots, after waking oblivion, discovered a terrible picture: the kingdom of the terrible chaos. Ancient Arkov that came to life only three. It's power, wisdom and courage. But the strength of all of them are on the verge of exhaustion. Urgently need energy in the universe but it is not enough for the three giants. Adherents of each of the robots awakened decided at any cost to restore to normal life is his idol. Knotted exhausting struggle. After each faction believes that it can defeat Chaos robot and should survive at any cost. Representatives of the factions are not willing to concede to each other, and the cosmic energy, which is so necessary for each of the inhabitants of the fantastic world, becomes the main culprit of discord.

So, in the game are three Union: Bradin, where courage and loyalty above all else, Wizard, whose adherents are considered the most intelligent and fights prefer to rely on a well thought out strategy and Dostreks who believes that any persistence can be broken by brute force. After making your selection, another strategy you get your first set of robots. Yes, you read that right, CosmicBreak play you will control not one, but several robots. More precisely, you will have the whole group, located in a private garage. And by the way, among the robots you can choose a captain. Generally there are four types of robots, and they differ characteristics. So, Air robots boast powerful accelerators and excellent maneuverability. Robots Earth type unmatched in nearby battles and different ability to move fast. Artillery type robots shine during ranged attacks. A Web crawler type Supports the most balanced and have such a feature as the ability to repair fellow. Furthermore, all different dimensions of existing robots. S, M & L - that's three sizes, which simply needs to be taken into account when upgrading, as well as during weapon selection.

Game CosmicBreak offers users the modes such as Arena, Missions and Quests. Each of them is interesting in its own way and whatever you come from, will not be bored! In addition, during the game you can chat with other players. There for that special voice and text chat. In short, you have the opportunity to spend your time rich to give a lot of fun! Have a good mood!




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