CrossFire online (Cross Fair)

Alternative names: Cross Fair, krossfaer, krossfair, krosfayr, Cross Fire, Crossfire, Cross Fire, krosfaer, crossover FIRE, FIRE cross, cross fair

Online game Cross Fire [_4_ ] one of the most popular toys followers Counter-Strike. CrossFire online  multiplayer shooter with good gameplay. Register CrossFire осуществляется standard scheme. Specify a valid address for the start of the electronic box. For holders of the box on the Mail. ru check in the game Cross Fire [ _2_] in nature and do not need - the game will recognize you as a user of this mail service. One only has to agree to the use of this e-mail and enter the password to it. For the rest, wanting to play Cross Fire online check [_2_ ] further extends to all the usual pattern: enter the username and password, get activation.

As a classic team shooter, game Cross Fire online provides gamers a choice - to join the team in a positive function, or join the aggressors. Team "good guys» Global Risk - this group of special purpose, which collects retired warriors fighting for the peaceful existence of ordinary citizens. Ideological parent - Alex Lloyd (special RAF), the current leader - American entrepreneur Michael Norman, piously reveres Lloyd fundamental principles to combat terrorism and maintain peace of the world community. The team of special agents Black List (mostly from the Middle Eastern countries) try this be discouraged. Who is the founder and for whose account is funding the group - is not known. They perform assignments of various groups and terrorist organizations. That's the essence of the game confrontation.

With regard to the methods and ways of fighting. Even if Cross Fire play you decide for the first time, it will be fairly easy to navigate, the arsenal for fighting is: grenades, pistols, machine guns, rifles and bayonet "snack."

Play the game online Cross Fire is interesting because that as leveling your character in your store you can buy additional equipment and elements of combat equipment, which the developers promise to update regularly. The accumulation of experience is also important, because thanks to him, there is progress on the career ladder. Plus, when you change the rank (naturally upward), the character gains new skills and opportunities. For example, by an officer or sergeant, he can shoot a gun, he was not previously available.

From what else should know those who take play Cross Fire [ _3_] perhaps mention the four game modes:

  1. Team Death Match - classic of the genre, here all actions aimed at eliminating the enemy;
  2. Elimination - meaning the game problems that regime is not much different from the first, well, except that some moments;
  3. Search & Destroy - here the brave men from Global Risk [_3_ ] entrusted with a mission to save an object;
  4. Ghost Mode - The original game mode, because of which to play the game Cross Fire online will be more interesting than the other team shooters. Here the bad guys from the Black List is given a certain handicap - they become invisible. True, it can be used as a weapon only knives. They aim, of course, destructive - Global Risk blow protected object. Recognize terrorists will be by hearing the sound of footsteps on tobish.

Cross Fire online game likable lovers "shooters" in the spirit of CS . Save the world public from organized terrorist group - this is the task for the present geympleera! Do not postpone exciting chases and deadly duels then sign up now. Game Krosfayr is waiting for you!


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