Truckers 2

Alternative names: Truckers 2

Truckers 2 game that combines elements of racing not only unusual, but also more economic strategy.

Download Truckers 2 is possible on any site that provides such an opportunity. Basically download the game from torrent. You can Truckers 2 game download in several formats:

1) Expanded Edition for the PC. Bestseller.

2) Expanded Edition for the PC. Amended version.

3) Standard Edition for PC.


Play Truckers 2 You will not overlook the following objects:

1. Gas stations - at a gas station you will fill accordingly your car.

2. STO - here you will repair cars or just to improve them.

3. Tank farm - a place where you will take the load, and send to the specified location (for example, fuel for the gas station). Conduct this type of cargo must very carefully, as they are explosive. If you will take it successfully, you will get a lot of money.

4. Fuel tanks - are special objects that are in different locations. They are marked by an inscription «Fuel». With them, you can fill your car petrol price below. Tanks generally located far from the gas station, so you will be more expedient to refuel them.

5. Reference kiosks - objects that are next to the terminals warehouses. In them you can learn about all the transportation and freight, which is currently being prepared, and then choose the best goods.

6. Semi - objects that are mainly on roadsides or in the settlements. They are free. Trailers used to transport goods on special tractors. The game has a special tractors, which are only suitable matching trailers. Standard their trailers not attached.


In Road Truckers 2 interrelate all settlements. All of these are indicated on a map. In addition to the main roads in the game Truckers 2, there is also a hidden road. On them you can get if subcomponents to side with the designated roads.


Simulator Truckers 2 contains several characters:

1) Neutral drivers - you can meet them on the road or in parking lots.

2) Police - their trucks - is BMW, as well as several aircraft. Police punishes drivers who break the rules: ride on stolen vehicles, carrying stolen goods. If you make a breach in the police, you will be ordered to stop. In the case of obedience, you issued a fine. If you do not stop, then the chase begins for you, and then opened fire.

3) Bandits - move on the planet. They can stand on the sidelines, offering you talk. If you stop, they take away from you the goods. Do bandits You can buy a stolen car or ask to steal goods from a competitor.

Truckers 2 game play gives you the opportunity for different types of vehicles:

1) Tractors - 13 models.

2) Vans - 9 species.

3) Cars - 12 models.

4) Bus.


Truckers 2 game is very interesting and quite unusual. That's what makes it even more attractive!


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