Alternative names: Dark
Darkness frightens even the bravest growns, what can we say about children. Theme "Monsters of Darkness" was, is and always will be popular. Unexplored and intrigue held at the screens of computers, consoles and laptops hundreds of gamers. Further confirmation of this theory - the game Dark. In this project, there are perfectly expressed RPG elements, but it is defined as a genre Action, made by a third party. You, dear gamers, will have to try on a completely new and unusual way - cold-blooded vampire killer. Persecution, battles, fights - the game is complete all of these elements. By capturing all the features of the plot, you simply have no time to get bored. Very bold and promising feature! The main character in the Dark pc has powerful supernormal that with the development of the gameplay will continue to improve and develop. You will be able to turn into a foggy haze, disappearing and reappearing in the time required to attack the victim was unexpected. Each successful battle - guaranteed improvement of some skill. During your face will stay dark with terrible secrets of the city. It is impossible not to include in our review of Dark story about what kind of project in the setting may remind many of your favorite saga Vampire. New story develops in a similar way - according to legend, vampires do not live in caves and mouse gloomy castles, they are in the world people interact with them. Vampire hierarchy is quite complex - all bloodsuckers are divided into clans and castes. Each of the "groups" sereznym owns property (yes, even among vampires can meet "the owners of factories, newspapers, steamships"). To the gameplay could be considered started, you first need to download the Dark. Sure on your favorite torrent has all the right distributions. Going into the project, you can get acquainted with the main character - a vampire-rookie Eric. Paradoxically, however, he does not remember how turned into the living dead. This puzzle you have to solve together. Prepare to be in play Dark will need to carefully and quickly - you can kill the newcomer in seconds. For the same reason will quickly learn how to use superpowers - no time to lose! Pleasant is the fact that the project is made difficult enough - your hero will not be able to quickly pass all dangers and get away with it. Each mission will have to be treated very seriously. As seen from the shot to the Dark video trailer supernatural capabilities will help in completing assignments. Opportunities are activated in the presence of points of life that your character will be able to get all the blood only after drinking his victim (which, be honest, is not the easiest task). The developers have promised fans of his creations in the near future to release the game on android Dark to pet project could be near and gamers are always on the house and at work.

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