DarkOrbit - Star Wars

Alternative names: DarkOrbit, Dark Orbit Dark Orbit, Dark Orbit, star wars, war in space, space battles

DarkOrbit online - is shareware browser game in which to conquer other outer space to fight for resources and global leadership.

DarkOrbit - is a browser online game, which takes place in the vast universe. At the beginning of the player to choose one of three races presented with the following planets: Mars, Venus and Earth. Followed by pump and improve their spaceships and units, extract minerals and items, quests, and perform a variety of tasks, participate in auctions and tenders and, of course, to conquer enemy territory, destroying the enemy on their own, or through the creation of space commonwealths.

In addition to standard in-game chat is possible to communicate by voice, through programs such as Skype or TeamSpeak, which makes the game more dynamic and more quickly. The game does not require downloading and installation.

Dark Orbit online involves embedding real money into the game, but only at the request of the player.

In order to play online game DarkOrbit, just a steady Internet connection and a browser optimized to work with flash player.

Before you start to play Dark Orbit online, online registration is required DarkOrbit: on the home page, type in the registration fields, your nickname (screen name), password, e-mail. Next, choose a game server, prescribe your birth date and accept the "Terms and privacy policy." At this, the game DarkOrbit Register finished and clicking on the "Play", you can start playing. Register DarkOrbit - free!

After the registration procedure, you will need to choose for themselves the Company. Them in game three

• Mars Mining Operations (MMO)

• Earth Industries Corporation (EIC)

• Venus Resource Unlimited (VRU)

Mars Mining Operations (MMO) - This company, owned by Mars, predatory universe produces energy;

Earth Industries Corporation (EIC) - the company owned by the world, not just a combat unit, and part of the community;

Venus Resource Unlimited (VRU) - This company, owned by Venus, worked to protect the space and its inhabitants.

After selecting the Company, the player gets a spaceship entry level. And for the entrance to the game - the bonus as a certain count of game currency and military ammunition.

On the main game page has a menu function control games with which you can play in Dark Orbit:

Hangar - here is the main warship player droids (ships assistants), R. T. (Faithful companion game-player mechanism), available weapons and Shop.

In the store to buy new ships, droids, weapons, ammunition, generators, R. Mechanisms, and much more ...

Clans - you can apply to join the clan (clan together players, making them stronger).

Pilot Profile - here is information about a player's status, statistics, information about friends and bonuses, as well as the skill tree (you can buy certain skills).

Galaxy Gates - here are teleporters (Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta).

Skylab - Skylab using players earn millions of credits and spend them on the auction, here is the Hi-Tech factory and upgrade items.

Trade - you can win luxury items for credits or buy them at once.

Uridium - here are offered services on a fee basis.

By clicking on the "Start" button, you can play DarkOrbit, plunged into an exciting event.

Started playing online game DarkOrbit, a window opens with the planetary map and NPC (NPC), which will offer training to perform multiple tasks for the performance, which will be given a certain reward. For performing various tasks, and the destruction of enemies, will receive resources and orbital currency, and in addition, more experience and honor.

DarkOrbit online game has quite a lot of gaming space maps (locations), which will be different steps: gathering resources, the journey to another galaxy, battle with enemy races, and in such locations as the laboratory can convert a variety of resources and just use them to improve their military weapons.

DarkOrbit online game offers to win battles use the combat capabilities of his ship:

• laser attack - it is necessary to buy a laser battle in the store and install it on your ship

• rocket attack - equip your ship various rocket launchers in the hangar

Uridium for resources, you can buy the most powerful upgraded droids.

Online game DarkOrbit is auction, which can win the bidding on unique items and artifacts.

Dark Orbit online game has its own in-game currency - Loans and primary resource - Uridium.

To collect a certain number of credits each player gets the opportunity to create your own clan community that will give the clan and its members some game advantages.

Game Dark Orbit has an excellent three-dimensional graphics, excellent dynamic and realistic racing battles!

In DarkOrbit play will be interesting to both the professional and novice players.


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