Desert Operations

Alternative names: Opera dessert, dessert operations, operations Desert, Operation Desert Storm

Online game Desert Operations - free browser game economic and strategic genre. This is a project of Looki, the idea of ​​which interested fans of military battles. Become an outstanding general and lead the troops of one side of the conflict, develop and upset its military base, possess modern technology - Desert Operations online in real time ready to give it all.

To get into the cycle of exciting events, Desert Operations required online registration and have the following system requirements:

  1. Operating System Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Seven
  2. Processor 800 MHz Intel Pentium ΙΙΙ
  3. Memory 256 MB
  4. Video Card 64MB
  5. Internet connection

Register Desert Operations - it is an expression of your desire to become an inhabitant of the exciting world of online games. Additional settings are not needed. Join in the game Desert Operations occurs as follows:

  • Enter the name
  • Existing email address
  • Specifies the password
  • Put a tick in that acceptance of the Terms

Play online game Desert Operations will start with a small base. Since you are the rightful owner of it, have to worry about building the necessary objects, namely:

  • General Staff
  • University
  • Shopping center
  • Bank
  • Factories
  • Barracks for employees
  • Houses
  • Port and Airport
  • mine

Without control of Staff fighting becomes impossible. Through the General Staff You will control the air and sea fleet.

The university created and produced a different technique. There is also different investigations. You will learn techniques and learn to produce diesel generators, different types of missiles, nuclear power plant, bombs, weapons, armor, and more.

Mall is necessary in order to maintain trade and economic relations. At a time can be set up for auction 10 positions, and buy up to 60. Goods are resources such as gold, ammunition, oil and other domestic production.

The bank you keep your savings and different values. Plus get a percentage of the investment.

Mine is a place of development and production of oil wells in the game a very valuable resource.

Factories give the opportunity to produce their own original stuff and bring considerable revenue to its owner.

From factories in such holdings should be their species

  • Oil
  • Military
  • Arms

And, of course, houses and barracks are required to organize the civilian population and the military.

As you can see, Desert Operations online game each building determines its function. Only if there is sufficient data objects and their development, you may feel that you are ready for military action.

Play Desert Operations will need to defend themselves against attacks by attacking enemies and to win back the territory of rivals. Build a powerful army of different units. The structure of your troops may include tanks, aircraft, infantry, navy. A specialized units, designed for defense estates. In total online game Desert Operations accrues 38 types of units. All of them are unique. Each has its strengths, but also somewhat vulnerable. To ensure the quality of their work, and simply exist, need to create certain conditions. For example, to provide the necessary fuel for each different variety of units available to take care of the respective buildings.

Before you dare to attack the selected enemy, make a reconnaissance. The game is a function of espionage. There are special satellites and stealth aircraft. Only a well-planned and deliberate action will succeed! Play Desert Operations - it means to demonstrate their strategic ability to use intellectual potential managerial credentials. And the more force is applied, the sweeter will be a victory! Defeated opponent is forced to give 33% of the buildings producing resources. Just imagine how much fun this will defeat the enemy!

Resources - this is the first assistant in the development of military power. Oil and diamonds in this regard literally irreplaceable. Also can not do without kerosene, ammunition, fuel, gold and of course money.

To simplify your survival in the harsh world of Desert Operations, podyschu allies. Create your own or join the alliance already formed. Maintain friendly relations between the alliances, and feel how much easier it would be the solution to many problems.

Play online game Desert Operations can, evolving without restrictions. Having reached a certain number of points, go to new game levels. Initially, the game provides a virtual assistant. He will be able to specify that where better to build on your plot of land, to give useful clues about the various actions. Novice can easily assimilated, without fear of attack from the side. Evolve quietly until until you get 2000 points. That's when the immunity ends. If it becomes the aggressor before then, beware of revenge opponent. Keep in mind that the higher your level, the higher the level of the enemy. The game is designed so that your development occurs in parallel.

Online Game Desert Opera will not leave anyone indifferent strategist!

Rather, become a member of the game and participate in intellectual competitions many gamers! Let fortune smile, and you enjoy the pleasure of their achievements!


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