Devil May Cry 4

Alternative names: Devil May Cry 4

Game Devil May Cry 4 - release, which took place 09. 07. 2008 Is a peculiar mix of three genres - adventure, thriller and slasher flavored movements on the locations and RPG (referring to the opening of new skills). Gameplay Devil May Cry 4 is also divided into three parts: the fight itself directly, boss fights and moving.

If you decide to Devil May Cry 4 download, install the game on your PC and start playing, you will learn that the game's plot develops as follows: centurion Sparda falls into the earth girl and rebelling against the Powers of Darkness, Lord of the defeated army Mundus. Knight Sparda soon goes to the underworld. After he leaves his son Dante, who looks like a man, but has the agility and has the power demon. After the demons killed his mother, Dante finds his life's work - to eradicate evil.

Gamers, starting in Devil May Cry 4 play will see that the developers decided to replace this part of the game protagonist. Now everyone will be able to play for the main character named Nero, who is a Knight of the Order.

The game has a currency (Proud Souls), which is a certain amount of points are awarded after passing a level. For these points you can buy new combos or increase the power available - without it sometimes impossible to complete the game. So you should try to be allocated at the end of missions more points.

Game Devil May Cry 4 pc striking any gamer color saturation and rich palette. Graphics are so good that even the story rolls, it was decided to do completely on the game engine. The game actuated wonderful scenery, wonderful made snowstorm blanketed the great sky gradually.

Another advantage of this game - developed and introduced a lovely facial animation, in which there are professionally made and absolutely relevant glare combined with the play of light and shadows on the faces of the characters. All this once again assures users that this game is almost perfect in its genre. Company-developer Capcom has done everything possible to her child left far behind all its rivals.

The game has

• four basic levels of difficulty (from very light to heavy: Man, Demon Hunter, Son of Sparda, Dante Must Die)

• three bonus levels of difficulty ("Black Knight" with a lot of enemies and "Hell or Heaven," in which the characters die from one hit).

Innovation is also the fact that in Devil May Cry 4 there was a mode of practice that can be applied in practice as separate strikes and combinations of several methods of fighting. Whipping boy playing soldier demon.

There is Devil May Cry 4 characters

• Dante - the protagonist of the game,

• Virgil, Dante's twin brother,

• Kate - mysterious girl-medium;

• Lilith - nightclub hostess, darling Mundus;

• Mundus - demonlord;

• Sparda - the father of Dante and Virgil;

• Eva - Mom Dante and Virgil;

• Phineas - daemon help Dante.

If you have not yet decided whether to download this game, ask the internet Devil May Cry 4 video, seeing that it will be easier to make that decision. By the way, the developers made sure that the game could be played not only on PC, creating a version of Devil May Cry 4 android. So now, it can be installed, for example, and tablet.

Play and have fun! After all, Devil May Cry 4 has excellent gameplay, developed characters and great graphics.

Good luck!



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