Alternative names: Dragona Online, Dragon Online

Dragona Online - fantastic free multiplayer role-playing game with an original storyline and beautiful modern graphics. Users will be able to join the heroes-Dragoni, who have the ability to connect with the soul of a dragon. Thus, Dragonnes transform into powerful fighting form, which is the contemplation of one terrifying. These warriors are called to fight the forces of evil overlord Dzhurtanom. Protect the world from unwanted intrusions - that is their ultimate goal. Starting Dragona Online play, you become one of the creatures capable to feel the wildness draconian blood in their veins. You'll love it - that's a try!

Dragona Online registration will make you party exciting adventures. You will be able to develop during gameplay, perform many exciting quests, fight against the hated enemies, seek allies and with all these locations to enjoy the unique design and pleasant sound. Join in the game Dragona Online takes very little time. Enter an email address, create a password and type it again in the next line, and then proceed to fill in additional fields (name, elected two questions and their answers). Keep in mind that the fact of creating an account you agree to the terms of the project.

Before the gameplay, you should read the list of recommended system requirements. To play Dragona Online you will need a computer with the following configuration: operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7; processor Pentium Dual Core or higher video card Radeon HD 3650 / Geforce 8600 GT ; 20 [ _3_] GB disk space and 2 GB RAM. If these parameters you all right, you can plunge into the magical atmosphere of the virtual universe.

You are transported into a world consisting of several continents, namely Bartan, Nazallan, Souhayr Valley Dragon Pampus. On each of them MMORPG saved up game surprises for gamers and so will your travels truly memorable. You'll get both the colorful locations, and the gloomy, dark places. Such diversity makes the gameplay not boring and unpredictable.

Game Dragon's Online boasts a highlight as transformation. Due to the transformation you completely change your look. This special skill helps to buy additional power increase magical and physical properties. But you should always remember that it needs power kernel, there is a special energy. This energy is replenished by exterminating monsters. Transformation is complete and partial. In partial change is only one part of your body. Dragon dormant in each of you, and wake him up in your best best!

At the same time magical lands inhabited by representatives of the four races. Each race has two classes. Let's look at them more closely. So people (classes: rifleman, sniper) - incredible swingers who know how many ways to compensate for their shortcomings. And although they are not physically strong enough, and rather weak in magic, and they are generally short life people are happy. They use heavy armor, and another thanks to an alliance with the dwarves have access to the latest technology. Besides the human mind lively and insightful, and these advantages will not take away! Another race - potassium (classes: guardian and killer), is quite different from a human. This race is rightly considered to be the most powerful, because of the race in his veins flows the blood of the blue dragon. Power potassium deterred so many try not to mess with them. Third race - Eldin (classes: ranger and mage), who consider themselves the rightful heirs era magicians Dragons. With regard to the use of magic, in this case, they have no equal. And Eldin longevity and deservedly considered the most beautiful race. And the last race - katchi (Classes: Shaman and Scout), affected by the Great War and the desire to return to their living abode former greatness. Members of their race proud, fierce in battle, purposeful. As you can see all the different races and each attractive in its own way.

Game Dragona Online allows not only to reveal the secrets of the island Bartan, but also to create his story. From such opportunities even the most demanding user will be delighted. Yes, the game world at the same time beautiful and cruel. But it is this combination does not allow to lose interest in the project. Make sure the merits of the game on their own experience and let you remain a pleasant experience!


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