Dragon Age 2

Alternative names: Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2

Game Dragon Age 2 is a computer game, which is developed in the style of fantasy. This game is the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins.

Download Dragon Age 2 you can from the official website of the game, but before that you will need to make a request to the site. This game is not free. The site presents the point of buying the game Dragon Age 2 for different countries.


Game Dragon Age 2 will introduce you to the different classes. Each class is characterized by its features:

1) Warrior - do not use special abilities, but it carries a massive attack. Does not use onions and fresh weapons.

2) Mag - a class that has magical abilities and spells. Compared with the first version of the game it became much more powerful attack.

3) Rogue - can deliver powerful and deadly attacks. Fights with his opponents in duels.

Each class has its own specialization:

1) Warrior

- Templar - neutralizes magic attacks.

- Berserker - calls rage to fight enemies.

- Ripper - uses the power of the blood in battle.

2) Mag:

- Mage power - the ability to manipulate energy and change it.

- Spiritual healer - the ability to heal and revive allies.

- Blood Mage - uses the magical power of blood.

3) Rogue:

- Killer - uses special skills in combat.

- Duelist - he attacks using tricky words and mocking his opponent.

- Shadow - they hide before the strike attack.


In the computer game Dragon Age 2 armor have every character class:

1. Do warrior in armor set includes: helmet, gloves, boots armor.

2. Do mage armor kit includes: helmet, gloves, armor, boots.

3. Do brigand armor set includes: hood, gloves, apparel, boots.

Depending on the level of armor can have a character change.


In Dragon Age 2, the most diverse weapons from swords to axes. You can get the good weapons only after pass quests. What is the thing you get, it all depends on the complexity of the job. Naturally, the higher the difficulty level, the better weapons you get.

Also in Dragon Age 2 you can get additional bonuses as: billboards, forces attack power.

Against each monster will need to use your weapon to inflict more damage. To find out more information you will need to read the articles on this site.

To begin to play Dragon Age 2, you must first register on the website of the game. To register in Dragon Age 2 you need to specify:

1) your date of birth.

2) E-mail address and password.

Then you have to download the game Dragon Age 2 and install it on your computer. Please note that the download Dragon Age 2 you can only charge from the official website of the game.


Also note the system requirements for the game:

1. Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz - Processor.

2. 1 GB - RAM.

3. 7 GB - HDD.


Game Dragon Age 2 will give you unforgettable emotions and sensations. Do not waste time and start the game.

Good luck to you in the battles in the world Dragon Age 2


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