Alternative names: Dragonica

Game Dragonica Online - a free role-playing game, which among other games features an abundance of humor and parody of the movies and books.

In order to download and play online game Dragonica, you need to have the following system requirements:


• Operating system: Windows Vista / XP

• Processor: Pentium 4 1. 6GHz, AMD XP 2500 +, AMD Athlon64 2800 +

• Hard disk: 2Gb

• Memory: 512 mb

• Video card: GeForce FX5200 or Radeon 9600 SE

• Airconditioner: DSL / Cable

To begin playing the game Dragonica online must be registered. Register Dragonica is as follows:

1. Enter your e-mail.

2. Then enter your login.

3. Come up with a password.

4. Choose your floor.

5. Agree to the user agreement and click on the window "Play."

6. Once registration is over Dragonica, will automatically start downloading the game. After installation is complete to enter the game using your login and password provided during registration.

Dragonica Online game - it is a pleasant pastime.

Play Dragonica incredibly interesting and realistic. All models and scenery of the world on which you will travel made in 3D. Saturated and bright colors create a feeling that you are on the pages of beautifully illustrated book of fairy tales.

Once, witch named Faris decided dragon from his spells and restraining chains. Freeing evil dragon, she gained divine status. You have to defeat the army and Elga Faris - freed dragon, having passed through many exciting adventures.

Dragonica Online game has four classes:

• Warrior - Knight, Paladin, Gladiator, Spartan

• Archer - Archer, Hunter, Ranger, Sniper

• Mage - Servant Priest, Archmage, Wizard

• Thief - Jester, Harlequin, Assassin, Ninja

Thanks to a good outfit Warriors can take the brunt of themselves. Warriors are trained in such skills as: blow, smashing blow, blow of the hammer, tossing and restart the so-called "dance with the sword."

Archers - masters of ranged attack. Also awesome shooting skills, they set a trap, manage animals, and also famous for many other talents. Archers have such skills: moonwalk, a powerful shot, aimed shot, air defense.

Mages use magic spells, attacking opponents. Magee his spells can inflict damage on multiple enemies at once. Moreover, in their power to improve the ability of associates and allies affect the state. Magee improve the following skills: slow healing, mana inflow - enhances magic attack, a combination of air and destroyer - electric shock.

Thieves have the ability to easily dodge attacks and move quickly. They inflict critical hits are also able to raise the morale of the associates. Skills inherent to the Thief: tossing, air rage, smashing blow and missile attack.

Dragonica Online game full of adventure. At the forty-fifth level your character for the first time to meet with Green Forest dungeon. Because attacks Evil Lumberjack Poda Bernauna that lives at Pine Hills tribe Mika missed when Green Forest completely subservient turned dark magic. Archer Zangoru explain in more detail what task you will perform.

You like to play Dragonica, because here at every turn you expect new adventures. At the fifty-second level your character will meet a shaman Mutishey enchanted and charmed dragon Riviusom. Once the character and the dragon shaman wins, he will receive part of armor sets and other clothing, and earn new orders and gain new achievements.

For victories and perform quest assignments online game Dragonica provides reward your character in the form of experience points. Reaching the next level, he can learn new and improve existing skills. Further training - of the Warrior in Knight of Knight Paladin and in so etc. - Occurs after the twentieth and fortieth levels.

Dragonica online - amazing humorous gaming world. The time spent on this game, fly a lot of fun. Join in the game Dragonica awaits you!


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