Dragon Knight

Alternative names: Knight of the Dragon

Dragon Knight: from each according to skill, each according to the dragon

The legends about dragons and knights do not stop, and militant forces once again came to the battlefield.

Game Dragon Knight, this is a fantasy in the style of browser strategies, where players choose and create heroes, control magic, fight and develop the economy. In the plot of such a magnificent, colorful and versatile product the basic guides fit to be called safely the best. There is everything you expect from a multiplayer game:

    Every power in dragons

    Each newcomer to the world of fantasy is invited to Dragon Knight registration, after which it is necessary to get acquainted with the territory and its inhabitants.

  • All Quests Available
  • Development of the economy
  • Profession of crafts
  • Night-air battles on dragons
  • Cities
  • Explaining relations between factions and guilds
  • Having a personal kite
In all its mighty beauty, you will see seven kinds of dragons. Some are more rare, others are more common, but everyone deserves attention. He belongs to the sphere of ice, using icy magic. His feature is the ability to accelerate, and in his graceful beauty he strikes with grace.
  • Bronze dragon settles in hot deserts, and therefore is afraid of ice. He is incredibly huge, his element of darkness, and therefore the magic is also dark.
  • A white dragon is an inhabitant of eternal glaciers, where he enjoys singing of snow storms. Drawing strength in the elements of ice, he applies the magic of murderous cold, but fire is not his friend. Use it in ranged combat.
  • The red dragon is an absolutely evil creature, bathing in the fire lava lakes and building nests in the craters of volcanoes. But the ice for him is deadly dangerous. This is an excellent fighter for long-range and near-range attacks.
  • The blue dragon is a child of nature. Even his magic refers to this element, and his powers are given by lightning on a high mountain. There he lives, then falling into a hibernation, then stretching in battle, then looking for a friend for the extension of the family. His only fear is the field of shadows. Effective in battles at distant positions.
  • Black snake, on the contrary, gets recharged in the shadows, where there are many demonic creatures. Using dark magic, he is afraid of the panic.
  • Selecting the blood race

    Like many MMORPG strategies, the iPlayer Dragon Knight leaves room for choice. Traveling in a mysterious country, you need to take care of belonging to the race:

    • Elves
    • Night Elves
    • People
    • Orchards

    They are characterized by characteristics, which allows you to give preference to one of the people on the basis of personal sympathy.

    people found the leader - Alikala, who leads the heroes to victory and the revival of the country. Orcs shed the slavery of the Dwarfs' empire and regained their former strength. Elves and night elves guard the Tree of Life and collect detachments of"observers." And you follow the advice of fairies, guides and wizards to better perform assignments and accumulate experience with gold.


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