Dragon Ring

Alternative names: Dragon Ring

beautiful game Dragon Ring.

Igra Ring Dragon will appeal to all lovers of browser-based multiplayer role-fi adventure. The plot revolves around a kingdom called Andimor. It for a long time there was peace and prosperity. People have lived side by side with the elves, helping each other and defend themselves against enemies.

The dark forces once sow confusion in this virtual world, it has been concluded in the Grand Ring. But the ring was destroyed, strife began among civilians Andimora, settled hatred in the hearts of all living beings. A neighbor attacked neighbor and his brother was ready to kill his brother. Evil in the Dark Lord's face cleared, began a bloody war. A great magician has created a new ring he placed in it the power of the ancient dragon. Only the great daredevil able to collect the rest in the hearts of the good, and with his help to defeat the dark forces.

V iPlayer Ring Dragon incredibly beautiful game. In her three-dimensional graphics, which completely immerses the user in the magical reality of the fairy world. Heroes in it look like a Hollywood star, clothing is able to change the appearance of the character, and the monsters are terrible and insidious.

Dlya to try to defeat the forces of evil and become a legendary hero in the game Ring Dragon registration is a must. To pass it, you can pretty quickly. To do this, fill out the form, composed of just three points e-mail address, password and nickname or use the account of one of the social networks.

Features Dragon Ring.

Nachinaya play the game Dragon Ring, will have to choose specialization character, they are standard warrior, archer and mage. Experienced players know the difference in these classes. Warrior is strong in melee and well protected, the archer is more suited to fighting at long distances, and the magician's arsenal full of different spells, including healing.

Opredelivshis with a character and giving it a name, you can go on a trip to an incredibly beautiful place, lost in the vast virtual world. On the way the hero will meet not only useful traders and lonely warriors who can take in the fellow travelers, but also treacherous enemies, scary monsters and other evil forces and norovyaschie kill the hero.

Na share the hero falls many tests, he will have to produce their own weapons and clothing, it can be done in combat, completing quests or developers, they update them daily. Joining the fight with the boss is likely to get a good weaponry and equipment. Battles can be selected, suitable for beginners fights with enemies controlled by artificial intelligence, so it is easier to earn experience. After training it is already possible to go to war with the real players, and face off.

Kazhdy won the battle hero brings experience, players will be able to train your character by developing one or more skills. The game has several modes of battle, in the dungeon Abyss can get gems, each of them is responsible for certain skills:

  • Ataka;
  • Vozmozhnost critical strike the enemy;
  • Zdorove;
  • Fizicheskaya protection;
  • Magicheskaya protection;
  • Immunitet.

Takim way each character is unique, different players develop their characters and use clothing that improves a particular skill. Pumped can not only your character, but also its accompanying characters, pets and pack animals.

V Ring Dragon play itself is not as interesting as teaming up with other players. Guild, you can create your own, or join an existing one. Each character is beneficial in fighting not only for themselves, but to the entire community, which consists in an alliance. The guild can develop skills not available alone.


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