Dragons of Atlantis

Alternative names: Dragons of Atlantis

As you can guess from the title, the game Dragons of Atlantis will take you into the magical world of dragons. Dragons are still those who were in the days of the lost continent of Atlantis. According to the legend of the game in ancient times people of the land went back to Atlantis. They had to fight for life. During the lengthy battles were created the four tribes of Atlantis. Today, these tribes have to fight among themselves for the sake of preserving life. In addition the winner will be able to gain control of the entire human race. Also help in the battle and bring victory in the war can Dragons.

Dragons of Atlantis online is still one of the representatives of the gaming company Plinga Play. All these games are of high quality graphics and cool gameplay. Unlike most other games of this manufacturer in the DA is not possible to translate the website into Russian, so ignorant still have to play by feel. What is true, management game is so simple that anyone can understand it without problems.

If you had previously met with Plinga games and maybe even struck up an account in this service, then you Dragons of Atlantis registration will take place under the simplified scheme, or rather you can simply log into the system under the registered data. If you are a beginner, you have to fill out a simple form.

1. In the middle of the field in front of you will form. If you want, you can sign in through your account to Facebook. If not, the top line of the form entitled «E-mail» enter your email address.

2. Next in line «Password» enter your password to log into your personal account.

3. Golf «Username» list the login your game.

4. Allow the system to complete the registration and you started as soon as possible to play the game Dragons of Atlantis, you have to accept the terms of use by checking the line «I accept the terms ...».

5. If desired, you can subscribe to the newsletter from the administration site, checking the line «Send me Newsletters», if you do not want to receive messages, leave the box blank.

6. After filling in all the fields and checking the correctness of filling, click on «Register».

Now you can not only free to play Dragons of Atlantis, but will go smoothly in all other games Plinga.

During the game you have to choose a hero, or rather that it belongs to one of the four tribes.

1. Zolmek. Brutal zolmeki able to find a common language with all living things, especially with the Dragons.

2. Stoves. These characters have a sharp mind and amazing dexterity they know a lot of magic and science.

3. Soleriany. Cunning and ruthless characters. They always win at any cost.

4. Amazons. Courageous women warriors. These warlike ladies will not frighten any one man.

Select tribe, name your character and give the city its name. Now you can play!

It is important to note that the game Dragons of Atlantis is completely free and available to everyone. Feel brave warrior of the Middle Ages and try to get power over the world with the help of the Dragon ...


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