Other worlds: Elemental War

Alternative names: Other Worlds, Other Worlds

Next to the legend and to translate the original role-playing online game Other Worlds: War of the Elements offers to fight for the salvation of the universe and life Ondel Crystal, whom want to take possession of the representatives of the dark side of the world - the very evil, embodied in the four elements four frightening monsters. Other worlds for the game: Elemental War online characterized by a combination of fantasy graphics with Gothic elements, which makes the atmosphere and images of some special "zloveschnost." As for the game mechanics and gameplay in general, then you're in the original combat system, players battle against duels and battles between classes, exciting quests and lots of impressions from this amazing and unpredictable world. But first things first.

Let's start with the minimum system requirements needed that would play the game Other Worlds: Elemental War online. So

Allowable operating systems - Windows 2000/XP, Vista X32 / 7

Pentium processor 1 GGts

128 MB RAM

Stable Internet connection.

Game Other worlds: Elemental War online works in any browser, but still the developers recommend using Mozilla Firefox.

Register Other worlds in the game: War of the elements - a process that will take away from you force a couple of minutes. Come on ofsayta toys fill simple forms - mailbox address (current) password and security question (in case there are problems with sudden entrance into account). Register Other worlds: Elemental War continues after you activate the link provided to the mailing address.

So if your in other worlds: Elemental War Online registration is successfully activated, time to move on to the next stage - the creation of the character. To start is to decide which of the elements

Will protect your character and, consequently, against the monsters which will battle the elements. In addition, other worlds: Elemental War online game in which there are four classes of characters: Barbarian, Monk, Mystic, Seeker. Baseline characteristics Varvara aimed at inflicting more damage Guardian - on defense, Monk - healing and Mystery - on the manipulation of energy opponent. Representatives of each class has four main (and universal) parameter: Energy, Power, Recycle, the required level.

What awaits those who come to play the game online Other Worlds: War of the Elements? Of course, the main goal - to protect against natural Ondel Crystal "monsters", but along with that you expect incredible adventures and battles with players who defend other elements. Battles take place in any location at any point on the map other worlds. All that you need in order to fight the enemy with snooty - submit a preliminary application to a fight. In addition, one-on-one battles, as in other worlds: Elemental War play and can fight on a large scale - the battle between the available classes or clans that represent each his element. But sometimes it is not necessary to fight - diplomatic tactic is much more effective than the bloody wars, if the right approach to the choice of allies and create a profitable alliance with them.

In addition to the development of a military career, players are also available (the fifth level) and more peaceful activities such as craft, for example. Remeslenecheskih four professions - Fisherman, Travnik, Harvester and Prospector. Any profession has its advantages and brings all sorts of bonuses. Besides his military career and crafts attracts many gamers play in other worlds: Elemental War opportunity to meet with the second half and set up personal life, until marriage. And in general, not just to describe, so you better go play and make your own impression of the game Other Worlds: The war of the elements.


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