Dungeon Defenders 2

Alternative names: Dungeon Defenders 2

Game Dungeon Defenders 2 - free multiplayer strategy role-playing game with a third person. This sequel had time to regain project users Dungeon Defenders, in which developers quite successfully crossed "towers" with RPG. Let not confuse you cartoon drawing and in some ways too saturated colors. 3D graphic image format, tasks are complex, rich gameplay indicate that Dungeon Defenders 2 play will be interesting is to growns. The game is not designed for punks, and interested in it not shameful for different categories of users. Everyone can find themselves in a fantasy world many attractive things to be enticing and make return again and again to the gameplay. You will find yourself in a magical land called Etheria. You have to save her from the forces of evil values. Different types of evil goblins and Orgov will get underfoot. Destroy them - a matter of honor. Do not wait for easy victories, your enemies are strong and dangerous! But then, you were not born yesterday - all is well, if you become their efforts!

At this time, a new game at the stage of the PTA. You will need 2 Dungeon Defenders register to be able to participate in testing. On the official site you must provide your email address. Once your application is processed, the administration will send the key to activate your account, and you can Dungeon Defenders 2 download. Beta invitation can get anyone. Main patience to wait for the queue. By the way, you can then express their wishes that developers will try to take into account in the further improvement of the product.

List of the minimum system requirements, will not exceed the parameters that are required to play in Dungeon Defenders . Your computer must meet this configuration: operating system Windows XP/Vista/7; processor Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1. 8 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X 2 3800 +, graphics card nVidia GeForce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1300 (video RAM 256 Mb); compatible with DirectX 9. 0c sound card, 2 Gb of hard disk space and 1. 5 Gb of RAM. But it is still preliminary assumptions. Complete list of system requirements will be known closer to the time of launch games. Now studio Trendy Entertainment is working to make the game DD 2 was available on the platforms PC, Mac, IOS, Android.

What is the difference between the continuation of the original? The fact that the game Dungeon Defenders II boasts such update modes as a cooperative and competitive. In cooperative mode added more towers and mining, as well as other interesting features are planned, for example, extended story and 24 player. Competitive multiplayer mode and is designed in the genre of MOBA. Players will compete in teams of 5 people. Task: protecting his tower from the enemy.

So, you start to play DD 2 and you, of course, interesting to learn about its features. It is a world where there are heroes, cosmetics, pets, in-game world with a single currency, a world where you can choose the one most appropriate class world in which expect an unforgettable battle with evil monsters. You can use a large arsenal of weapons and magic spells to deal effectively with the enemy. In addition to the opportunity to build defensive fortifications. Whether you're a warrior, a sorcerer, a Buddhist monk or elven hunter - have all chances to be produced desired. Naturally, each character has their own abilities, but strive to develop you must in any case. Pursue planning heights and just have a nice time in the society such as gambling, as you players. Hopefully, your expectations will not be disappointed! Good luck!




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