Battlegrounds of eldhelm

Alternative names: Eldhelma Battlefields

Undeclared Battlefields of Eldhelma

The game Battlegrounds of Eldhelm was released in October 2014, but now developers are filling it with additions. On the official website, it is positioned as a mix of a collectible card game and RPG-style gameplay elements.

Based on the theme of fantasy, where the long-legged, long-haired, sharp-eared elves are necessarily present; pumped up orcs; heroic people and other representatives of the fairy world. Since the game is browser-based, the Battlegrounds of Eldhelm will play, communicating with other gamers, although you can also enjoy solitude, fighting with the computer. It can be installed on Android, but communication with the Internet should still be constant, even if you are not looking for communication.

A useful and pleasant function is the choice of language. The product is translated into all common languages, among which there is also Russian. This option is available before the Battlegrounds of Eldhelm registration begins - the simplest process, where you only need to specify a name, password and e-mail. You can also play a learning game in advance, where each step is directed and explained. Each card is described in more detail in the window that opens. There is also information about what each turn means.

Agreement of the game - as the cards will lie

The player is issued several cards, which he must put on the field in a certain cell, trying to score more points. One card can enhance the effect of another, but in an unfavorable scenario, points are lost. After you and the opponent have opened on the board, the score is calculated and the leader is revealed. An information field appears, showing the result of yours and your opponent, which indicates:

  • How much damage is caused by both sides
  • Damage by yourself
  • How many hits blocked
  • It is cured
  • Total combo

card collection itself is quite extensive, and requires careful study in order to sort them out and use them efficiently. There are cards for:

  • Magov
  • Fighters
  • Strelkov
  • Orcs
  • People
  • Elfov

A also:

  • Unique
  • Rare
  • Elite
  • Mythical
  • Epical


As for the characteristics of cards for representatives of one of the groups, then the developers gave them such features:

  • Orcs. They are the most brutal and bloodthirsty warriors, clad in awesome armor. They use not only magic spells, but also any means to crush the enemy.
  • People. They are difficult to understand until the end, and therefore difficult to win. Their character is changeable, and among the representatives of the people there are both noble and honest, and insidious and secretive. Presented are the men-robbers and knights.
  • Elves. This is a unique race, perfectly mastered the ability to heal, magic, shooting, energy management. They are inextricably linked with the forces of nature, drawing resources from it in battle. There are elf guardians and elf archers.

Choosing one of the characters of the Battlegrounds of Eldhelm iPlayer, get acquainted with its detailed characteristics. For example, the elf keeper has the following items and capabilities: a staff, magic, a hood and cloak, a body, shoes and a belt, pet. But archers are important: a quiver, a weapon, a belt and boots, legs and hips, shoulders, arms and body.

U of the robber of the game The battlefields of Eldhelm have a knife, as well as: a tattoo, a cape, hands, a raincoat, legs and body, a belt and boots. He attacks unexpectedly, coming out of the shadows, striking a precise blow with cold weapons. But the knight adheres to the laws of honor, and quite a strong opponent, well owning a sword and defending a shield. Also beware of the orc, who has excellent weapons as well as a powerful body.


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