Empire: Total War

Alternative names: Empire: Total War

Empire Total War Game - turn-based strategy executed perfectly combines all the best features of the genre and has taken the best of military tactics. All events in the project develop in real time. This game will appeal to all those who are crazy about games on military subjects. The project was carried out in a truly high quality and with the soul - great graphics, animation is done well, the gameplay deserves respect. The project implemented a completely new graphics system, allowing you to enjoy the game in amazing marine paintings. In addition, each player will be available to new landscapes and unusual flora. Pleasant surprise - regular change of weather conditions.

New Game Empire: Total War will be transferred to you in time away XVIII century. To be precise, it starts playing all the action in 1700, and you can watch historical events and their impact on changes up until 1799. However, as of today promised project developers eventually will be able to continue the game - new maps and assignments will be presented shortly. You will feel in the role of the courageous and responsible commander. Under your leadership, will be not only the sea, but also land on your mercy and prudence will calculate the whole nation. You and your character can explore if you want the entire globe. And make sure all of the above in your own eyes, you can looking for Empire: Total War video trailer.

To obtain an advantage in the game, you have to apply and improve their diplomatic skills. Get ready for what you have to offer and organize coalitions and alliances. On your shoulders will be responsible for control of the newly established and long existing trade routes. But in order to start playing you need to download the pre-Empire: Total War.

In this project, participants will be able to desire to keep fighting, commanding only ship or a fleet manned by the best courts. Once you are able to download Empire Total War, you can implement in their own gameplay strategies and plans. Every move made in the game, it's half a year of life. You can play with other players in real time, using the tactical map, but if necessary, the game can be translated into automatic mode, with the loading tactical map is not required.

Each player can control in Empire: Total War faction (one at the beginning of the game). Despite the fact that the draft stated more than 50 fractions, reasonably available to the project participants are brand new only a few of them, the rest will be added as development and promotion.

In the game there are three main game part of the world

1. North America.

2. Europe.

3. India.

East Indies and the Elephant Coast ranked as the trade routes.

To self-test the game and make sure all its virtues, you simply need to download Empire Total War, hurry up!


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