The Clone Wars era

Alternative names: The Clone Wars era

Certainly, hearing the name, you think that the game is another Clone Era fantasy that takes you into the world of unreal events. But hurry to dispel your imagination. This game - is more than just an online game. It was created by ordinary people who want to help the same ordinary people find their place in life. Besides, this game - a great way to make extra money. You should simply join to understand how unusual this game really is.

This extraordinary project which, although at first it's hard to believe, will help you to realize themselves in real life. This economic strategy. By registering in the game, you find yourself in a virtual city, where people live, developing policy, the economy. And your character will become your true clone. Playing in the Era of the Clones for free, you will be able to simultaneously participate in the development of real business, which will be discussed below.

As in all online projects, Period Clone registration process is mandatory and necessary. The whole game interface translated into Russian, so deal with the specifics of completing the registration form and with all basic tips game is not difficult.

1. To start the registration you will need to go by the same name link located in the top of the page.

2. Next opened in front of you the registration form, you will need to fill in all fields in order according to the instructions of the system, then you can began during the Clone Wars to play.

If desired, any brand new member of the project will be able to use their home pages Facebook or FaceBook to enter the game.

To date, the project has involved more than 400,000 people, and according to statistics the majority of them have been able to give up work completely satisfied with earnings obtained in the game. All players not only communicate with each other through the game, they also regularly organize meetings in real life, which share gaming experience with brand new gamers.

Essence of the game - to live the life of your clone to work, develop, try to earn as much money to meet all their needs. You can play the game Clone Era develop and offer their ideas and projects, each of which will be considered by the administration of the system and if it is approved, implement it in life. The development process of the game depends solely on your imagination, so do not hesitate! You will need to just give orders to his clone, he will systematically perform, even if you can not for some time to visit the project.

In the Dominican Republic is now actively developing the ranch "Land of the Clones", part of the income from the activity of which is directed to the Clone Era online to promote the most active and talented players. Also most dedicated project savvy gamers can get as incentive prize precious jewelry produced at the plant, also owned by the project.





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