Alternative names: Escilon

Estsilon online - unique browser-based game, available audience of users for free. This is the original MMORPG (historical genre) game. The project is qualitatively different from the current online games, as the creators have worked to eliminate different drawbacks. Dear gamers in Estsilone not only attract an interesting legend, but the key features will amaze and delight you. Getting into the world of cavemen, you get the opportunity to grow and move into new realms, where the respective open big, attractive prospects. So, how would you follow from the past to the future, feeling himself to the pleasures and complexities of life in different eras.

System requirements are minimal. Your computer must be installed Windows (XP, Vista or Windows 7). Also for the game will need a sound card, keyboard and mouse. When connected to the internet, you can begin to register and play the game online Estsilon.

Estsilon online registration will make you an inhabitant of the Stone Age. Do not need to download client software. Register Estsilon - simple and quick process. You only need to register a new character, specifying the following information:

1) You need to enter your login - think the original name for the character

2) Specify the gender (male or female)

3) Write down the e-mail address - but only its real!

4) Enter the password - try to come up with more reliable

5) Specify the date of birth

After completing the registration form, left click Log Estsilon online game becomes available to you. Know the truth and understand the truth of generous ruthless. That will be more suitable for your nature? Online game Estsilon help figure it out.

To understand how to play Estsilon to start to go through a training course at the stake. Successfully passing this quest, earn point increase performance, plus some useful stuff. When finished in the mechanism of the game, will be able to visit all of the available locations. Estsilon online game includes both aboveground and underground locations.

Aerial - a continent, the island and the sea, and groundwater - a maze. In all places, will meet a variety of animals, of which periodically fall resources that should be selected. Since everything in the game you have to create your own, precipitated resources useful to create ointments, making clothes and weapons. But a closer look at it later.

So, we figured out where the action of the game. The main habitat is a cave village of savages. Here are the following locations:

- Bonfire

- Cave rideable leader

- Cave of Spirits

- Cave masters

- Battlefield

- Shack Antistesa

- Shopping altar

- Temple Opifeksa

- Ice cave.

In addition to these places, you have access to a fishing village where you can buy a boat and go quest task.

To play Estsilon need to choose how you would like to see his character. In game Estsilon present warriors and mages. They have distinctive characteristics and skills.

The main parameter for the warrior - physique. You also need to take care about raising anger and skill.

Mages emphasis on rationality. Also this will ensure that with increasing levels could put the desired magical things.

As already mentioned, will create the necessary things for yourself. Estsilon - a continuous struggle for survival and of course you will not survive in this world with their bare hands. Resources just set, but having caught anything, will bring to mind, before it becomes a useful thing. In this online game provided the following resources: a variety of plants, fungi, roots, stones, branches, as well as those who dropped out of the animals. You can use them only after the identification of the Cave of the spirits. After identification can, for example, to make ointment (if you know the recipe), resource exchange it for something more necessary or just eat it and improve this characteristic.

The game has also currency - Shellfish. But you can make money with the help of trade all the same resources or mastering a profession. If you like peaceful labor, become a shaman or wizard. In this case, your services will be well paid.

However, the creators have taken care of the fighting system. Participate in group battles with other players and with the animals, as well as just in duels. You will serve as a weapon stones, knives, axes, sticks, cudgels. In which battle you would not come, there is always going to win! Surely rise to fame and gain experience, so necessary for the further continuation of the way.

Basically online game consists of doing the quest tasks. It all starts with the first quest Bonfire obtained from Virtus. Next job will be to take the old man Antistesa. The longer play, the more quests. With each level they are becoming more interesting and varied.

At levels play the game online Estsilon can passing from one era to another. And each level has its own advantages and features. For example, for mages level depends on the amount of mana per unit of reasonableness. Warriors to level 5 can cause on the battlefield instructors and masters of shock or subterfuge. Feature of Level 4 is considered an opportunity to enhance professional skills on it. Go through and evaluate all of these extraordinary levels, enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient world, a fascinating journey through the ages - all this and more online game offers you Estsilon.

Join in the game Estsilon available to everyone. This mysterious world is ready to welcome you! Welcome to the exciting virtual spaces! Let the game will certainly give you a lot of fun!


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