Europa Universalis 4

Alternative names: Europa Universalis 4
Europa Universalis Game 4 - a worthy sequel to the legendary project. The entire line of games called Europe is considered one of the most successful and popular representatives of a dying genre today ambitious strategies. Recall that in the last part of the project gamer had the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the present eminence grise - character, located throughout the gameplay for the backs and receiving royal monarch for all the most important decisions. From the words of the new game developers should not only embody the best qualities of the previous projects, but also bring a lot of new. Europa Universalis IV - a game that not everyone likes. No, this is not because it is not interesting, flawed or boring. Simply design makes exercise care and diligence. This is not a typical dynamic strategy does not allow gamers to even blink, a project that requires patience, for which the player will be rewarded on merit. Professionals have long noted that this game requires a totally atypical approach. It is impossible to understand, you can only feel it. With that focus their attention should not only on the specifics of the plot or gameplay, this project will make you dig much deeper. Get ready for that game Europe Universalis 4 teach you notice the little things. After some time spent in the company of the project, you will begin to truly wonder how could not ignore the reality of many of the obvious things. Also during gameplay you will need to analyze a lot of (their actions and their own opponents). Soon you will learn to skillfully conduct serious diplomatic operations, and then for a long time have to watch how to implement your strategy. To start gameplay you definitely need to download Europa Universalis IV. Today, this process will be virtually no problem - you can easily buy the game at the most famous download portals (such as Steam, for example). Standard price currently stands at $ 40 (be honest, it's even a bit understated for such a project cost). Continue our review of Europa Universalis 4 story that the fourth part of the legendary project in the same way as earlier versions, it is an ideal choice for a serious historical experiments. You will be able to run the state, developing trade, handicraft, fighting and concluding alliances with neighbors, seizing territory and organizing the army. Funds proposed game, in every way to help develop policies and to achieve stability. Talk about Europe can be very long, but a lot more efficient to see mounted to Europa Universalis 4 video review, which describes in detail all the main advantages.

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