F1 2013

Alternative names: F1 2013

Despite the fact that all of the lineup F1 can not boast of having any obvious distinguishing characteristics, they manage every year to attract the attention of new and new gaming audience. F1 2013 - a game that has only confirmed this theory. As the developer of the project was a well-known team of Codemasters. Only they are able to regularly produce quite as it might seem at first glance identical additions to the child and enthrall players of each time stronger and stronger. Perhaps the developers, did know something, do not want to personally check whether the accuracy of the theory?

F1 2013 pc - not very different from its predecessors story or gameplay, but its quality is high, it's the bribe fails gamers. If you've ever played in Formula 1, you can be sure that in the new part of the game will feel like a fish in water. You will have a meeting with a familiar career mode, which although it looks to some extent uniform, but nevertheless motivates to action strongly enough. Has not changed much, and game physics. Certain elements, such is not always honest and fair judging, the developers also chose to leave, believing, apparently, that it gives the game its own unique charm. Be ready to small problem with saving that may initially seem fatal and unrecoverable, however in reality are "existent trifles."

To begin the gameplay, you will need to download the pre-F1 in 2013. Today, the majority of torrent trackers, you can find links to download all the existing versions of the game. Therefore, the entire installation process from the power take you a few minutes (well, and more depending on the speed of the internet, of course). Once you get into the game, then meet with the already familiar from previous projects range sweet enough musical accompaniment, previously had been reported the details of the interface. Formula 1 2013 - a game in which both experienced players and beginners can feel "at home".

What is true, one can not talk about that at this time the project has prepared for his fans a few surprises. First, it is a new game mode - Classics, which will allow players to finally ride on the dusty roads of the 80-90s on oldovom and incredibly stylish cars! On something like gamers asked long ago, and now their prayers have been answered. Download Formula January 2013 can be alone for rare cars that create a new and very pleasant warm atmosphere - no laborious calculations, was replaced by the powerful character. Manage the "old men" is not easy, but extremely pleasant. If you enjoy racing, you really must try your hand at mode Classics!

To understand what we were talking all the time, we suggest you to reconsider F1 2013 video trailer, where all the advantages described in accuracy to the smallest detail.


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