Fallout 4 vr

Alternative names: Fallout 4 BP

The game Fallout 4 VR for virtual reality.

Now there is a trend of mass appearance of games of promoted brands. Among them, at the E3 exhibition in 2016 and 2017, the role-playing game Fallout 4 VR from the developer Bethesda Game Studios was presented. Its peculiarity is that it is a modified version of Fallout for the HTC Vive virtual device.

To what has already left the pen of the authors, most of the players were impressed and excited the desire to proceed more quickly. But it should be noted that in some cases there is an undesirable effect of "seasickness". That is, people suffering from the wave, in glasses of virtual reality, experience the same sensations as when rolling. But the rest say that immersion in a huge surreal world, it's "Wow! "and a real" brain explosion "!

Tribute to the past.

At first, playing the game Fallout 4 VR is available only in part, performing small tasks of mini-games. In the meantime, the authors are working on the final touches of global tasks, you can wander around in an open world, studying its features.

According to the Fallout storyline, players find themselves in the world after a nuclear war that turned the earth into a scorched desert. Survived only a handful of people who are hiding in shelters equipped. Bunker No. 13 was supposed to open only 200 years later, but the sharp shortage of water resources served as a good reason to open it earlier. A volunteer came out of it instructing him to find a water chip within 150 days. But if you can agree with the merchants that they will deliver water to the shelter, the travel time can be extended for another 100 days.

During his time on the surface, a native comes to understand how dangerous the situation is around. The contaminated air caused too many mutants to appear, and they continue to multiply. This suggests that there is some source that promotes mutation, and therefore it must be destroyed. From here it becomes clear that the mission with water was only the beginning, and now a lot of work remains to be done. First of all, the source of infection must be eliminated, and the leader of the mutated cannot be left at large. When all the missions are completed, the person from the asylum comes back and reports to the Supervisor about the work done. He listens to the report, thanks for the service, and culturally asks him to leave the shelter, fearing that he will sow discord among the rest. So the hero is in the wasteland.

Events of the future.

Now, when you can download Fallout 4 VR, players get to Boston. Before you go completely into the post-apocalyptic world, you will see a few moments before the catastrophe. Ironically, you will be the only survivor not only in this terrible war, but also from the asylum 111. To get comfortable, you can wander, explore the surroundings, try to contact with the surrounding objects. Having started to fully play in Fallout 4 VR, one has to perform specific tasks:

  • Open new locations
  • Collect artifacts
  • Contact with characters
  • Destroy Monsters
  • Improve your gear
  • Create items
  • Construction

Fallout 4 VR, this is a living world with an updated battle system and other features. There are too many horrible beasts around, which should be destroyed. They are becoming more aggressive and assertive, and this requires constant improvement. Actually, this is a dynamic action in which you have to quickly make decisions, change dislocations and weapons. Do not forget to explore the wasteland, because in the caches there is always something to profit. However, seasoned fighters themselves know about this without prompting.


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