Fallout: Revival Online

Alternative names: Fallout: Revival Online

Fallout: Revival Online - browser-mystical genre, post-apocalyptic theme. If you are not already in the first sat down to play computer games, then you should already be familiar with the world-famous game - Fallout. Manufacturers have improved it, made an interesting continuation of the battles for the fans - Fallout: Revival Online, knowingly translated "regeneration."

Game Fallout: Revival Online is easy to use, so you can play it not only on your computer, but also on the phone. Because everything is good for the game is not supposed heaped system requirements. Need only

• the average parameters of the equipment;

• does;

• connection to the Internet.

Fallout: Revival Online registration is also not give you a lot of hassle. Pretty soon you will be able to take shape in the game during the game Fallout: Revival Online. We advise you to check the correctness of provided personal data, such as e-mail. It will send you the update and all the important information on the game.


1. visit the official site of the game Fallout: Revival Online;

2. choose section - register;

3. enter your login;

4. select a floor that you conform;

5. enter the address of your current e-mail address;

6. think of and write down your password, consisting of not less than six characters, we advise him not to apply nowhere else;

7. click on the item - register.

And then you get in the end is not yet forgotten city Water City - the only survivor of the disaster, which happened all the same. Play online game Fallout: Revival Online should rather carefully. Because throughout the game you can expect danger not only from various monsters, but also from the same people, just like you. World is full of survivors, funky creatures that do not have anything to survive. They are rebelling against each other for survival - a war starts. And you participant.

In Fallout: Revival Online play You'll be taking up a profession that you wish. Since the ability to choose a class or race is not available. Your life, the money I depend on the choice of a profession, just like in real life. You can be: Hardworking, Chef, Blacksmith, Pharmacist, aggressive fighter, researcher or Supervisor. City has been restored after a nuclear explosion, so there are residential houses and markets where you can buy everything you need.

Perhaps the game Fallout: Revival Online presence can please you all to live comfortably

• private cabanas;

• Shops;

• market;

• Bank;

• hunting den;

• arena;

• and even a strip bar.


In the game you can play Fallout: Revival Online for free, but still some of the necessary elements for the life you have to buy for real money.

Graphics, pretty good for mysticism and appropriate musical accompaniment.

You have already decided to play? Feel like being awake as wearing a special suit specific, in which at least shows the difference between a man and a woman.


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