Family Farm

Alternative names: Family Farm

Game Family Farm create a real oasis!

We offer fans of the genre to get acquainted with the option Family Farm from the developer DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING. This is a beautiful, fun, exciting project like the girls especially, because there is a sea of ​​flowers that are watered by small unicorns.

You can always have a Family Farm download for free, although some improvements and process acceleration can be purchased for real money. This is not an obligatory condition, because if desired, any progress is achievable independently, even if it requires more time.

Also you can download Family Farm on a computer, but it will not be associated with the mobile version, developing completely independently. This is even more interesting, because you will have two whole farms, where it is interesting to arrange everything quite differently.

Your main tasks.

The Family Farm will not present any special surprises.

What immediately wins in this game, this is a riot of bright colors.

  • Construction of structures
  • Breeding animals
  • Increase the unique plants
  • Collecting the rich crops
  • Full the exotic dishes
  • Complete tasks and orders
  • Live in competitions with other players
  • Develop precious stones and metals in mines
  • Around the blossom fields of amazing plants, and many appeared only thanks to you. That's right, because you have your own laboratory, where you can experiment with new varieties. The more unusual the result, the more likely to become a winner in the flower contest. To establish a garden, you need to get to the island, which is yet to be unblocked. After that, break the beds and study the book of flowers, in order to determine the choice. Some can be bought on the market, others, as already mentioned, will be obtained by crossing in the laboratory.

    The market is very useful location. Family Farm game allows you to buy and sell different things, and periodically changing range helps to find everything you need. All this will be stored in the warehouse, which will have to be constantly improved to increase the capacity. Also you will find a wide variety of animals. It's almost a zoo where everyone can find a place, even kittens. All of them look happy, why actively share with you milk, eggs, wool, nuts, mushrooms and other things. Do not forget that the farm must be not only productive, but also beautiful. Decorate it with decorative elements bought in the shop. Like other things, access to them opens gradually, and requires the presence of currency.

    Game Family Farm Seaside provides several options for earning. In addition to the fact that you sell goods on the market, there are other ways. For example, every day you enter the game, you get a bonus. It can be not only coins, but also fertilizer, gasoline or free FA (farmer's banknotes), which help to speed up all game processes. Within five days, the form of the bonus changes, becomes more expensive and rare each time. It is worthwhile to miss one day and you will return to the beginning of the table. FA - the most valuable prize, and to receive them, you need:

    • Connected to the game page Facebook (it brings at once 3 FA)
    • Only visit my farm
    • Create new levels
    • Participate in contests and drawings, which are additionally announced on the VKontakte
    • page Play in the Wheel of Fortune
    • In the store"The Secret"they are exchanged for them by the Mistrons, which in turn receive during fishing, in the Wheel of Fortune or in the calendar.
    • In the book of the fisher collect all the stars, and sell for FA rare fish.
    • Back up the"loyal farmers"bonuses (the chest at the top of the screen).

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